SmarterCities Rio | Ricardo Pelegrini kicks off SmarterCities Rio

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PELEGRINI: Good afternoon.
Welcome to the Smarter Cities Forum in Rio.
It's fantastic to receive you here in this beautiful theater in the marvelous City of Rio
where 94 years ago IBM opened its first operations outside the U.S.
and started the historic relationship with Brazil.
The concept of Smarter Cities began about three years ago,
when IBM divulged its corporate vision of the creation of a more intelligent planet.
At that time, we perceived that the world is more connected via the Internet.
There are more sensors that are included in clothes, and shoes, and cars, and computers,
and all of this is interconnected by the Internet.
And we have to apply technologies to become, to make this data more intelligent,
smarter and so for business and society we can be more intelligent, we can be smarter.
Why do we need smarter cities?
Because a Smarter Planet can only happen if we have smarter cities,
because it's in cities that things really happen.
So we know the challenges that we face with the accelerated organization of the world.
There are a few data that I can share with you.
We've got more than 50 percent of the population of the world living in cities in 2050
with 70 percent of the population.
In Brazil, to use Brazilian data, we have more than 80 percent in 2050, it will be 93 percent
of the population living in cities.
So the growth of cities produces lots of opportunities
for business but also lots of challenges.
Every week, one million people are moving to cities.
They consume about 75 percent of the world's water, 70 percent of the world's CO2
and 20 percent of the loss of water because of poor inefficiency in distribution.
This is a challenge for us and an opportunity.
The good news is that we have technologies that can help and processes
that can help cities to work better.
In the next day and a half, we are going to be discussing and sharing what we are doing now
to make cities smarter, and we have a few examples.
For example, in traffic, we're going to be looking for cities
where we're improving urban traffic.
We've got an 18 percent reduction in congestion at peak hours
and also a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.
So these are solutions that already exist, and we're going to be sharing with you,
interacting with you in the sessions and in the breakout sessions
and the discussion sessions looking at security, transport and crisis management.
So, we thank everybody for coming here once more.
To begin our first session, it's a great honor to receive Sam Palmisano, who is the Chairman,
President and CEO of IBM Corporation along with Eduardo Paes, the Mayor of Rio,
who will be sharing with us something that makes us very proud, which is how the City
of Rio has become a smarter city.
I invite Sam Palmisano to join us on the stage.
Thank you.