Dong Yi, 35회, EP35, #02

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Announce me to the Queen.
It was just as you said. We couldn't find Lady Chun's records anywhere.
That's it, then. That's all we need to bring her down.
No, it's not.
It's not enough to shake the King's faith in her.
But with no records where will we--?
Who's uneasy now, do you think?
Dong Yi, of course, and the people protecting her.
Keep an eye on them.
You see? They'll be the ones to reveal her true identity.
These are all the servants registered to the musicians?
Why isn't there anything on Lady Chun's background?
That in itself will seem suspicious.
My background prevents me from standing by the King.
I can't. It wouldn't be right.
My lady.
Hm? What was that?
I asked if we should ask Lady Chun about this.
- No, there's no need. - My lady?
I'll ask her. In the meantime, you keep the other girls quiet about this.
Yes, my lady.
They were looking for the real Deployment Log.
Now that we know what they want it's just a matter of time before we catch them.
We can use the real log to bury them for good.
That may be... difficult.
How do you mean, difficult?
Is something wrong with Lady Chun?
The two of you have been acting strange.
Come on, tell me more. What did the lady and Chief Seo talk about yesterday?
We couldn't tell either.
But it was something. The look on her face...
I've never seen her look so upset.
Ugh, heavy... whew.
And dust everywhere. And icky old yellow pages.
What's the chief want the Sword Guild records for anyway?
I'm curious, too. Why now, after all these years?
What's he want with dusty old..? Ugh..!
Dusty... heavy... sheesh...
- Just getting in? - Sorry I'm late.
Where were you? I see you managed to miss all the work.
Sorry about that. What are these for?
Nothing. Old case files.
- Case files? - Yep, old ones.
Really dusty... icky... old ones...

Chief Seo asked for some case files?
Yes. Older files, I understand.
On what, exactly?
- Send for Jang Hijae. - My lady.
The Sword Guild? What's he want with those?