Baldrige Award Ceremony-2010 and 2011 Recipients

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>> Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and welcome Secretary
of Commerce, John Bryson, Under Secretary, Pat Gallagher,
and Chair of the Foundation
for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award,
Debbie Collard.
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>> Good evening.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Baldrige Award Ceremony.
We hope that you've been enjoying the musical
accompaniment of the US Air Force Ceremony of Brass band.
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If you would, please remain standing for the Presentation
of the Colors by the Joint Armed Services Color Guard,
and the playing of our National Anthem.
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>> O! say can you see by the dawn's early light,
what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming,
whose broad stripes and bright stars
through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched,
were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
gave proof through the night
that our flag was still there; O!
say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land
of the free and the home of the brave?
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>> Please be seated.
It is now my pleasure to introduce the Secretary
of Commerce, John Bryson.
Secretary Bryson is looking forward
to congratulating each of our recipients.
Unfortunately, due to his extremely busy schedule,
he's going to have to leave
after the presentation of the awards.
Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology,
Dr. Patrick Gallagher, will represent the Secretary
for the rest of the ceremony
and will share your exciting accomplishments with him.
Secretary Bryson?
[ Noise ]
>> Thank you, Debbie.
And it is an honor for me, a very special privilege,
to be with all of you tonight at the occasion
of these wonderful awards.
I want to thank you, Debbie, first for your leadership
with the Baldrige Foundation, which is absolutely crucial
to supporting this very important program.
Now I would like also to recognize several people.
First Malcolm Hollensteiner,
who is Malcolm Baldrige's nephew, is with us tonight.
And he-- it's impossible to miss him.
We thank him very much for being here.
So just wave a hand.
[Applause] So, wonderful.
And then from Congress, it's our honor to have
with us tonight Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas
and Debbie Dingell, who is an extraordinary leader
in this community and that in Michigan as the wife
of incredible person Congressman John Dingell,
an outstanding leader.
[ Applause ]
And I think there are also staff
from other Michigan Congressional offices
who are here to support the Henry Ford Health System,
so that's a nice thing to recognize.
[ Applause ]
And I am sure there are others
that I can't possibly track all of, but what all
of you are doing, you're saying something special
to these incredible recipients of the awards.
And then I want also to say that I understand we have attendees
from the quest for excellence conference,
and a special welcome to them, and thank you.
[ Applause ]
All right.
Then in addition, I want to thank a number of people.
High-caliber volunteers are absolutely central
to this program.
They include the Board of Overseers,
who provide policy guidance, and the panel of judges
who recommend award winners.
And it also includes the export--
experts on the board of examiner.
So a big thank you to all those people
who have contributed so much.
[ Applause ]
I also want to thank my colleague Undersecretary Patrick
Gallagher, who is here on my right and everyone
at the Commerce Department's National Institute
of Standards and Technology.
It is these NIST employees who do a great job
of coordinating all the moving pieces
that made this ceremony possible.
So please give them a round of applause.
[ Applause ]
And of course, I want
to congratulate the people whose hard work and dedication
to excellence who have brought us together.
Let's applaud with incredible enthusiasm all of the recipients
of the 2010 and 2011 Baldrige National Quality Awards.
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
You rose at my request for sure, that's terrific.
As you might know, Malcolm Baldrige was the 26th Secretary
of Commerce.
And if you've ever been by the Secretary's suite
on the 5th floor of the Commerce Department,
that's where I am now, you can walk down the hall
and see portraits of former Commerce Secretaries.
And most of them are stodgy men in navy or black suits,
and they're all very serious looking.
And I regret to say that I will probably end
up having one like that myself.
But you can stop immediately when you come
across the portrait of Mac Baldrige.
Unlike the others, it is a colorful collage of images.
In one corner you can see his boot with a spur.
Near the bottom you can see him in his cowboy hat.
And I thought to myself,
"Only in America would you find something like this."
So I wasn't surprised to learn that keeping our country,
keeping America number one, was what Mac was all about.
The 1980s, when he served as Secretary, was the first time
that a meaningful number of foreign companies were starting
to give us substantial competition.
Mac's response as a true leader was to push our government
and our private sector to increase our commitment
to these things, to quality, to performance, and to innovation.
And because of his unrelenting commitment to those ideals,
Congress, as most of you likely know,
named these awards in his honor.
If Mac were her tonight, he'd be proud.
This is our biggest ceremony since the program began in 1988.
And now, I am very pleased
to recognize the 11 new Baldrige Award recipients.
And when I call your organization's name,
please stand.
We'll rotate right through this,
and there'll be the awards recognition that will follow.
So, for moving from good to great
with exceptional clinical service and financial outcomes,
we recognize Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
from Downers Grove, Illinois.
[ Applause ]
[ Laughter ]
[ Applause ]
Yeah, I thank you, you going to stay there, and then we'll go
through it and then we'll do the awards.
Is that right?
>> So wait, but we should wait, hold everyone else off
of the stage so we don't get too many--
>> Oh, I see.
So you can-- yeah, I see.
[Laughter] All right.
We're totally organized here.
For nearly 150 years of publishing quality products
for churches around the country,
we recognize Concordia Publishing House
from St. Louis, Missouri.
[ Applause ]
[ Laughter ]
And for providing top-notch engineering
and other consulting services, we recognize Freese and Nichols
from Fort Worth, Texas.
[ Applause ]
And for serving as one of the nation's leading comprehensive
and integrated health systems,
we recognize Henry Ford Health System from Detroit Michigan.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
[ Laughter ]
You can tell it's hard to win a competition with this group.
For delighting one guest at a time with exceptional burgers,
fries, shakes, and barbecue,
we recognize K&N Management from Austin, Texas.
[ Applause ]
Now I think I can speak up for every person in this room
to say we would love all that for sure.
[Laughter] Okay.
And for driving innovation and improved patient outcomes
and diagnosing and treating disease, we recognize,
for its second Baldrige Award,
MEDRAD from Warrendale, Pennsylvania.
[ Applause ]
[ Laughter ]
Two times, that's amazing.
Now, I got to find my place in the schedule here.
For dedicated service to a diverse community with more
than 144,000 students,
we recognize Montgomery County Public Schools from near here
in Rockville, Maryland.
[ Applause ]
Now the Undersecretary's three children are either in now
or have been through that school system already.
So he rushed right over to say hello to them.
[Laughter] It's a natural thing to do, right?
And then for, this is terrific, for manufacturing products
that helped people take care
of their pets throughout the country,
we recognize Nestle Purina PetCare Company
from St. Louis, Missouri.
[ Applause ]
And for providing specialized care and critical services
in a rural region, we recognize Schneck Medical Center
from Seymour, Indiana.
[ Applause ]
That may be the largest delegation here.
[Laughter] But if I say that, it may tempt others
to start jumping up and down again.
So maybe I better not go there.
Oh, and here's one that,
and I guess this won't be the largest group,
but they're definitely the one that has come the furthest.
And they deeply deserve this recognition, and I happen
to know this area quite well.
For providing health and wellness services
to Alaska Native peoples in an area
that spans roughly 100,000 square miles,
we recognize Southcentral Foundation all the way
from Anchorage, Alaska.
[ Applause ]
So I was surely wrong
about thinking this won't be the largest group.
I got to stop somewhere here.
Wonderful to have you here.
And then for providing coaching and evidence-based tools
to help health care Organizations and hospitals
around the US, we recognize Studer Group
from Gulf Breeze, Florida.
[ Applause ]
Thank you very much for that.
So as I think all of you know,
meeting the Baldrige criteria is no walk in the park.
It's clear that each of you made a strong
institutional commitment.
And today you are role models of excellence in so many ways.
From empowering your employees
to fulfill their highest potential,
to providing leadership both in your companies
and then your communities, to creating some
of America's best products and services that bring value
to your customers every day.
So what makes me think of-- is it--
when President Obama talks as he often does about out-building,
out-competing and out-innovating the rest of the world,
he's talking about you.
It really makes a difference.
In fact, the Baldrige Foundation
and the Commerce Department have studied the success
of Baldrige award of winners and have found
that success compelling.
Baldrige small-business winners have shown,
this is the research the following
of what was done after the awards.
Baldrige small-business winners show increase sales,
profits, and market share.
Baldrige manufacturing winners revenues increased
on average nearly 50 percent annually.
It's incredible, 50 percent.
Baldrige hospital award winners have better financial
and patient outcomes than others.
And Baldrige schools show better test scores
at higher graduation rates.
And perhaps yet more importantly,
Baldrige winners create jobs.
You're part of the reason that America has created
over 40 million jobs over the past 25 months.
We so intensely, intensely need that across our country.
And then in a related point, US exports now, which is part
of the job of the Commerce Department,
had a record 2.1 trillion dollars.
2.1 trillion dollars this past year alone.
And today, today our job is not yet done.
But with your help, we can create an America
that is built to last.
Oh, thank you, thank you all for taking on the exciting challenge
of competing for a Baldrige Award.
And again, my enthusiastic congratulations on your awards.
Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible Remark ]
>> Good evening everyone.
And it is my distinct pleasure, it's now going
to be your turn to come up on stage.
We-- I apologize for that mix up.
And what I'm going to do is call each
of the award recipients up to the stage.
There's two of you.
Please come up and then we will take a quick photo, and then one
of you will take a sit here and the rest will head back.
First, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital,
please welcome David Fox, President, and Patricia Skriba,
Vice President of Learning and Organizational Effectiveness.
[ Applause ]
[ Inaudible Remarks ]
Next from Concordia Publishing House,
please welcome Bruce G. Kintz, President
and Chief Operating Officer, and Jonathan Schultz, Vice President
and Corporate Counsel.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
Next, from Freese and Nichols, please welcome Robert Pence,
CEO and Cindy Milrany, CAO, CFO.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From Henry Ford Health Systems,
please welcome Nancy Schlichting,
Chief Executive Officer, and Robert G. Riney, President
and Chief Operating Officer.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
[ Noise ]
From K&N Management, please welcome Ken Schiller, owner,
and Allyson Young, Human Resources and Brand Director.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From MEDRAD, please welcome Samuel Liang, President and CEO,
and Rose Almon-Martin, Vice President
of Performance Excellence and Brand.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From Montgomery County Public Schools,
please welcome Christopher Barclay, Vice President,
Montgomery County Board of Education, and Joshua P. Starr,
Superintendent of Schools.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From Nestle Purina PetCare Company,
please welcome John McGinty, Vice President
of the Customer Development Group, and Kenneth E. Dean,
Director of Quality Systems.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From Schneck Medical Center, please welcome Gary A. Meyer,
President, and Chief Executive Officer.
Tammy Dye, Vice President of Clinical Services
and Chief Quality Officer.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From the Southcentral Foundation,
please welcome Katherine Gottlieb, President
and Chief Executive Officer, and James Segura,
Chairman of the Board of Directors.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
From the Studer Group, please welcome B.G. Porter, President
and Chief Executive Officer, and Debbie Cardello,
Performance Excellence Coach.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
And at this point, I would once again
like to thank Secretary Bryson
for joining us today at this event.
Please give him a warm thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you.
So, the only that I'd greatly regret,
it would be such a pleasure to stay with you further
into the evening and I can't do it, but it's been an honor to be
with you, and again my congratulations to all of you.
And I love, not only the fact that you've won the awards,
but the enthusiasm you display with them is, says it all.
So goodnight to you.
[ Applause ]
>> Very good.
At this point I would like to welcome
to the stage the representatives from our awardees
to make a few remarks.
First speaker will be David Fox
from the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital.
[ Applause ]
>> Thank you.
Secretary Bryson, Undersecretary Gallagher,
Baldrige Foundation Chair Collard, Director Hertz,
and the entire Baldrige community,
it is a great privilege to be here today.
And I might add parenthetically going first sometimes mean you
get to experience cycles of improvement sooner than others.
[Laughter] In 1976, the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital opened
its doors with a powerful commitment to our community.
That commitment is embodied in a sign at the entrance
of our hospital which reads, "Welcome all
to this place of healing."
This promise reflects our belief that the patients
who entrust their care
to us deserve not just clinically excellent
and safe care, but care that is delivered from the heart
in a way that also addresses their physical,
emotional, and spiritual needs.
Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, we are also proud
to be a member of the Advocate Health Care.
We are dedicated to achieve, sustain,
and redefine health care excellence,
because of our faith-based calling, and because we believe
that our innovations and role model behavior will inspire a
greater performance in our industry.
In 2004, we launched a transformational journey
which we called Moving from Good to Great.
Enabled by our core competency of building loyal relationships
with all stakeholders, we have achieved for our patients some
of the best clinical and service outcomes in America.
So it is with tremendous pride and great humility
that on behalf of the extraordinary team of caregivers
at Good Samaritan, I accept the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National
Quality Award.
Of course, the journey
to performance excellence never ends.
As the era of health care reform finally dawns, we are committed
to continuing at the cutting edge of innovation
in improving the health
of our communities while delivering care
that is less fragmented and much more affordable.
Utilizing the Baldrige criteria we are excited
by the opportunity to reinvent health care for our community.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Good evening.
My name is Bruce Kintz.
I'm the president and CEO
of Concordia Publishing House in St. Louis.
And the first person that I would like to thank is God.
He has given us many talents at CPH through the people
that we have, and all the resources necessary for us
to be here tonight, very meaningful to us as a group.
I must say I'm humbled to be standing on the stage here
with people like this,
with people like you, accepting this award.
Congratulations to the 2010 and 2011 winners.
We're honored to be in your company for sure.
Thank you to all of the people that planned this event,
to Secretary Bryson, to Undersecretary Gallagher,
for your dedication to the Baldrige Program for sure.
You know, as I stand here representing Concordia
Publishing House, we're a non-health care winner,
or a non-profit winner for 2011, and the only Christian publisher
to receive this recognition.
For us that's very, very meaningful.
Now while it sounds like there's quite an accomplishment involved
here, for Concordia Publishing House it's not about a piece
of crystal, although I'll take it.
[Laughter] It's about the journey that our people went
through to get to this point, the journey of big Q,
not little q. The journey of perseverance, progress,
not perfection, all the way through this thing.
In the past few years
in the publishing industry we've seen a massive transformation.
But despite the challenges that we have,
Concordia Publishing House continues to thrive
because of the dedication of our employees.
And I'm, oh, so very proud of the smaller group
that we have here representing the larger group back
at the publishing house and those who went before us,
the people whose shoulders that we stand on, past and present.
143 years, we've been around in St. Louis city,
very proud of our heritage.
A very big thank you to my Vice President
and Corporate Counsel Jonathan Schultz over here,
to Karen Capps and Gerry Puglisi,
who are our first two quality control leaders.
They should be martyred at this point.
[Laughter] And to the hundreds of past
and present CPH employees where dedication
and hard work is being recognized here today.
I also want to thank our church body,
President Matthew C. Harrison
for attending tonight to be with us.
Thank you, sir.
Now, finally let me close with this.
1st Peter 1 verse 25 has within it our CPH model.
And in Latin it says something like "Verbum Dei Manet
in Aeternum," and that means the Word
of the Lord endures forever.
It's that reason that we've been around 143 years,
and it's that reason that we'll continue
on long into the future.
Thank you very much, God's blessings.
[ Applause ]
>> Boy, you don't want to follow that, that's a great story.
My name is Bob Pence.
I'm President and CEO of Freese and Nichols.
I want to thank Secretary Bryson and Undersecretary Gallagher
and the entire Baldrige organization
for this tremendous honor.
I will say that portfolio is just a tad light
in the real thing.
But we were able to unveil our crystal statue
in our annual meeting last night at DFW Airport,
and for all our staff, and we truly enjoyed it.
On behalf of the 500 plus people at Freese and Nichols,
I humbly accept the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
As we do in Texas, we bring a few friends.
And I want to recognize them and some other special guests.
First, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is here
and it's a great honor
that you've taken the time to do that.
In addition, joining us are several key clients including
representatives from the cities of Fort Worth, Irving, Tyler,
DFW Airport and US Army Corps of Engineers.
We pursue this award for our clients and our employees,
and they're the reason for our success.
I'm also am most honored to be accepting this award
in the presence of our legacy senior leaders of the company,
Jim Nichols, Bob Nichols, and Lee Freese.
This honor is truly yours, it belongs to you,
and we appreciate what you've done for us.
Freese and Nichols started this journey, born 15 years ago,
to improve our company.
I might add that we'd lost money for the first time that year,
and so we had some extra incentive
to start a continuous improvement program.
We-- that will get you going every time, folks.
We were searching for a path to improve our business,
but what we discovered was so much more.
It's not about the award, and we're--
in Concordia Publishing House, we'll take it,
we will not give it back.
[Laughter] But it's really
about how the process benefits your clients.
Our improvements of strength and our relationship
with our clients and allow us
to deliver better service and value.
Is it worth the years of hard work and effort?
Unquestionably, yes.
We have seen our profits increase,
employee satisfaction go up,
and we have achieved sustainable managed growth.
And underlying how significant this is, we are already planning
to apply again in five years in honor of MEDRAD.
Thank you for being a leadership in that area.
I cannot leave the night without acknowledging just few other
key people.
Clayton Fitzhugh, who started this on his journey,
Bob Herchert, our Chairman who engineered our re-organization,
and Cindy Milrany, our CFO whose blood, sweat,
tears and leadership are all over this award.
Thank you again to the Baldrige organization and everyone
at Freese and Nichols.
Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
>> I'm Nancy Schlichting, I'm the Chief Executive Officer
of the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan.
And it's my privilege to thank Secretary Bryson,
Undersecretary Gallagher, and the entire Baldrige Program
for this extraordinary honor.
I accept this award with great humility on behalf
of my 30,000 Henry Ford Health System colleagues.
Our employees, our physicians, and our volunteers,
who have the talent, the drive and the passion
to create a culture of excellence
and produce remarkable results in a very complex
and challenging environment.
Since I've had the privilege of serving as CEO
for the last nine years,
I've always felt I had the best job in health care.
And I can tell you tonight there's no doubt about it.
I would like to thank a few groups and individuals
who have made this day possible for us.
First, all of our Baldrige category champions
and colleagues who wrote five applications,
second all of our business unit CEOs and their teams who lead
and really drove the improvement in our organization.
Third, our board leaders including three
who are here tonight, Sandra Pierce, our Chairman,
Jack Martin, our Vice Chair, and Ed Callahan, our Vice Chair
and Chair of Quality Committee.
Forth, I'd like to thank
of few leaders whose commitment truly made the difference
for us.
Su Hawkins, Edie Eisenmann, Bill Conway, Bob Riney, Mark Kelly,
Kathy Oswald, Rose Glenn, and Jim Connelly.
We begin our Baldrige journey for two major reasons.
First, to make us better and the Baldrige discipline really has
done that.
And second to make us a true system.
And by applying as a system, we have made substantial progress
in the integration of all the components of our health system.
We are a unique health care organization.
We are a physician group practice,
an academic medical center, community hospitals,
behavioral health services and ambulate--
large ambulatory network, a health plan,
community care services, and a safety net for Detroit.
We have gone through some very difficult times in Detroit
and in Michigan the last decade.
But the can-do spirit of Henry Ford Health System has made us
part of the solution and a vital anchor organization
that not only believes in Detroit, but is helping
to bring our city and our state back
We have done this by going after a very bold vision,
to transform lives and communities through health
and wellness one person at a time.
Thank you again for this wonderful inspiration
and recognition.
And for all of our team members back home, we're Henry Ford
and we can and we did it.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]
>> Good evening.
My-- Ken Schiller with K&N Management in Austin, Texas.
Thank you, Secretary Bryson, and the entire Baldrige community.
It's with tremendous pride
that I accept the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
on behalf of my fellow team members, our guest,
and the city of Austin.
Our vision at K&N Management is to become world famous
by delighting one guest at a time.
Over the past 15 months, the Baldrige platform has allowed us
to show many others, how the Baldrige criteria helped turn
our vision into reality.
Let me share a few examples.
We presented 34 speaking engagements in 15 states
and 21 cities, including Puerto Rico.
We've had 24 organizations attend learning sessions
at our corporate headquarters,
including 57 Korean business executives
that even brought along their own interpreters.
Groups have benefited from bench marking our best practices
and learning more about the Baldrige criteria from a variety
of industries, including restaurants, hospitals, salons,
human resource organizations, construction,
municipalities, churches, and more.
And they varied in size from small business all the way
up to the Fortune 500.
We've shared our story
with organizations representing approximately 500,000 employees
and more than 51 billion in annual revenue.
In the years ahead, we look forward to continuing
to spread the word that Baldrige is the key to winning results
and world class excellence.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Good evening.
Secretary Bryson, Dr. Gallagher, Chairperson Collard,
Members of the Baldrige family and honored guest,
I'm Samuel Liang of MEDRAD.
And it's a privilege for me to accept this award
for the second time on behalf of our more
than 2,000 employees worldwide.
It's a testament to the hard work of all our employees
to deliver performance excellence every day,
and this recognition belongs to them.
This moment is a major milestone for our organization
and it comes as a result of long standing dedication
to quality and performance.
For over 40 years, MEDRAD has been devoted
to improving the quality of health care.
Across our three business units of radiology, interventional
and service, our employees develop
and provide high performing products and services
that give vital insight to health care providers globally,
and also a system procedures that save limbs and lives.
Since 2003 when the company received our first award,
MEDRAD has transformed, evolved, and grown by exercising cost
and adaptability while staying true to our core.
The Baldrige criteria truly challenged us
to become leaders in any measure.
And we succeeded by delivering gains and productivity,
customer loyalty, employee engagement,
and financial returns.
So in behalf of the MEDRAD Organization,
I'd like to extend a sincere thanks to NIST,
the American Society of Quality, the Baldrige Organization
for their leadership and preservation of the award
and what it represents.
Thank you for supporting the advancement
of American industry, its innovation,
and its competitiveness.
I'd also like to personally thank the leaders
of our parent company in support of our journey to excellence.
Mr. Alan Main, President of Bayer Medical Care.
Dr. Jorg Reinhardt, Chairman of Bayer Healthcare,
and Dr. Marijn Dekkers, Chairman of Bayer AG.
And finally it's my privilege to share this recognition
with the other award recipients that are here today,
who have set new levels of excellence.
We're honored to be included in this very distinguished group
and proud to be joined
by the Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital,
the Henry Ford Health System, Schneck Medical Center,
Southcentral Foundation, and the Studer Group in pursuit
of health care excellence.
Thank you again for this tremendous honor and I'd
like to thank and congratulate all of the employees of MEDRAD.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Good afternoon.
My name is Christopher Barclay, the Vice President of the Board
of Education in Montgomery County.
I'd like to say thank you to Secretary Bryson
and Undersecretary Gallagher.
And I am a proud parent and a proud board member,
as the receipt of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
Montgomery County Public Schools is just the sixth school
district to ever receive this award
and we are the largest by far.
The Baldrige education criteria are infused in every aspect
of our organization, from the classrooms and cafeterias
to the bus depots and our budget office, and yes,
the board of education.
The staff and leadership of MCPS are dedicated to the core values
and best practices that define what it means
to be a Baldrige organization.
This is a, was a long journey for MCPS.
School districts, like all government organizations,
can be slow to change.
But overtime, our relentless focus on continuous improvement
to call across the organization.
Everywhere you go in our system,
you see elements of Baldrige at work.
Data notebooks are a regular staple in our schools,
process maps are used to identify
where efficiencies can be found in our operations.
Plan, do, study, act is a way of life.
All of these methods exist to measure
and analyze our performance in every corner
of the school district and to help us
to maintain a relentless focus on our main stakeholders,
the students of Montgomery County.
It is my hope that MCPS has shown other school districts
that the Baldrige criteria can be implemented to scale,
and while it is not an easy journey,
it is definitely worth the effort.
Leadership is an important part of the Baldrige process.
Our former superintended Dr. Jerry Weast was a strong
proponent and champion for Baldrige, and that continues
with our current superintendent Dr. Joshua Starr.
I want to thank them both for their leadership.
I also want to recognize our Chief Operating Officer,
Mr. Larry Bowers, and our Baldrige expert,
Dr. Michael Perich, who guided us through this process.
They did an outstanding job.
Lastly, I want to thank the outstanding staff
of Montgomery County Public Schools.
Their dedication to our students
in our community is unparalleled in public education.
On behalf of the 170-- 147,000 students and 22,000 employees
of Montgomery County Public Schools,
I thank you for this recognition.
[ Applause ]
>> Good evening.
My name is John McGinty.
I'm Chief Customer Officer with Nestle Purina PetCare
in St. Louis where pets are definitely our passion.
I always ask someone know the friendliness of the audience,
how many pet owners would we have out here?
Would you kind of raise your hand?
Outstanding, outstanding.
For those who you who did raise your hand very quickly,
I have found from personal experience that pets
versus children are much more well behaved.
[Laughter] They are not as moody, and they are always happy
to see you when you come home.
So I'd give that some consideration.
But, anyway, on a serious note here, I wanted to thank a couple
of folks, [inaudible] Secretary Bryson, Dr. Gallagher,
and Ms. Collard, we really appreciate the recognition.
On behalf of our entire company, Nestle Purina PetCare,
I gratefully accept this prestigious award
with great humility and honor.
And I also want to thank Ken Dean.
Give us a wave, Ken, our Director of Quality Systems.
It was his vision that we would even pursue Baldrige.
And without his effort and his push behind us and his direction
in terms of how to pursue it and get the maximum learning out,
it never would have happened.
So I'm indebted to Ken.
And being a former marine, it is extremely difficult
to complement an ex-Navy guy, so you have to understand
that was very hard for me to say.
[Laughter] But, anyway, from the start, you know,
our primary goal in applying for Baldrige was to learn
from an objective and a highly respected source how we could
build on our successful business processes and results.
The Baldrige report indicated that we are on the right course,
and confirmed that we were among the leaders in our industry
in seven of the most important areas for business.
But we truly believe there is room for continuous improvement.
There is always room for continuous improvement.
That's been the hallmark of our business operations for decades,
and we'll continue to drive our planning processes
in the future.
Again, thank you for highlighting our achievements,
rewarding our talented associates
and recognizing the passion our company exhibits in the lives
of pets and the people who love them.
We are proud to be among Malcolm Baldrige National Quality
Award recipients.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Good evening.
I'm Gary Meyer, President,
CEO of Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Indiana.
Thank you, Mr. Secretary, Undersecretary Gallagher,
Foundation Chair Collard,
and the entire Malcolm Baldrige Community.
It is with great pride that I stand before you this evening
as a recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award,
on behalf of Schenck Medical Centers, over 840 employees
and over 100 physicians.
They are the people who inspire me every day.
And it's a privilege and honor to work with each of them.
I'm here because of their unceasing dedication
to excellence for our patients in our community.
When we started on this journey, I always said
that it would be an honor to win the award
for our world class medical center located
in rural South Central Indiana,
and to be acknowledged for their hard work.
But it wasn't about winning,
it was about making Schneck the best it could be
for all those we serve.
Schneck first implemented the Baldrige framework four years
ago to accelerate and prioritize our performance
excellence journey.
The Baldrige criteria and our unwavering commitment
to quality, satisfaction,
and continuous improvement have helped us toward our vision
to be an organization
of excellence every person, every time.
Throughout the journey, our employees
and physicians have been the heart and soul of the hospital,
and our most valuable contributor
to Schneck's performance excellence.
Receiving this award is an extraordinary accomplishment
and recognition of their commitment to our patients.
After all our patients are the reason we are here.
By establishing a patient first culture,
we've achieved numerous advances in clinical outcomes,
patient safety enhancements and organizational
and customer service improvements,
all to the benefit of our patients.
So while it is an honor
to receive this national recognition,
it is even more rewarding to see the difference
between the difference we can make in the lives
of the people of our communities.
Our entire Schneck team can be proud
of earning the Malcolm Baldrige Award.
But this award is not the end to our journey,
it's only a milestone.
We continue our journey everyday with every patient we serve.
And whether it'd be the Malcolm Baldrige Award
or the simple smile of a patient we served,
these accomplishments fill our passion to keep
on delivering the very best
in Schneck Medical Center, and we will.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
[ Noise ]
>> To my-- my name is Katherine Gottlieb, and I'm a short,
cute Aleut from Alaska.
And the other half of me, when I look in the mirror,
that's brown, is Filipino.
So thank you and I'm so privileged to stand before you
with all the award winners and those out here
who are cheerleaders, obviously.
I am the proud wife of Kevin Gottlieb, and also a mother
of six and a grandmother of 25.
[ Applause ]
And I'm also the leader
of Southcentral Foundation's 1500 employees.
And the employee of my Board of Directors, Governance Board
of Southcentral Foundation
that are sitting before me right here.
So to Secretary Bryson, Undersecretary Gallagher,
Baldrige Foundation Chair Collard,
all the Baldrige examiners,
I just want to thank you for this award.
We are the first Alaskan Native, American-Indian group,
to have achieved this recognition.
And we are humbled and we're excited, you can hear them
in the room on receiving this.
And we want to receive this on behalf
of all the Alaska Native people, Cook Inlet Region
and Southcentral Foundation Board of Directors
and the SCF family of employees.
Congress said in the Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975,
if the people receiving the health service are involved
in the decision making process, better yet,
if they own their own health care programs
and services have a potential for enhancement and the people
and their health statistics will improve.
Cook Inlet Region, acting as a tribal authority
for the Alaska Native and American-Indian people
of our area boldly implemented this law
by incorporating Southcentral Foundation in 1982.
And Southcentral Foundation entered into a government
to government contractual agreement resulting
in Alaska Native people owning
and managing our own health care.
This award affirms the Congressional findings
of the Indian Self-Determination Act.
Alaska Native people have enhanced
and improved our health statistics by choosing
to become customer, owners, of our health services.
We have achieved the Malcolm Baldrige status
that marks our organization as a role model
that ensures continuous improvement.
Our relationship-based NUCA system of care is a role model
for the entire health care industry.
It is a role model for demonstrating excellence
of the Baldrige criteria, and it is a role model
of Indian Self-Determination.
We are blessed, and thank God,
we want to thank all our partners who have journeyed
with us along the way.
There are too many to name but include Cook Inlet Region,
our travel authority, our Alaska Congressional Delegation
and the late senator Ted Stevens, Federal
and state legislators, and governors of Alaska,
and our foundation and non-profit friends.
I personally thank my husband Kevin and children,
and then all the rest
of our Southcentral Foundation relatives and families
for always being there.
Finally, to all the dedicated
and hardworking Southcentral Foundation board and employees,
my personal thanks once again to each and every one of you.
We are blessed, and thank God.
[ Applause ]
>> Good evening.
I'm B.G. Porter, President and CEO of the Studer group.
Thank you Secretary Bryson and Dr. Gallagher,
Baldrige Foundation Chair Collard, and most of all
to the Baldrige program
and examiners whose deeply inquisitive examination
of our performance will make us even stronger
as a company in the years to come.
As with the leaders and workforce
of the other recipients of this remarkable honor,
we believe that work is far more than a job.
For us as the Studer group, work has purpose, is worthwhile,
and makes a difference.
We are young company, now just finishing our 12th year
of existence.
Our mission is to make health care better as a place to work,
practice medicine, and receive care.
We share a vision to drive outcomes
and maximize the human potential within each organization
and health care as a whole.
All 150 of us dedicate ourselves to identifying and implementing
in partnership with our more than 800 health care clients,
evidence-based best practices that enable patients to seek
and receive health care that they have confidence in,
and that health care providers, businesses
and our nation can afford.
For the Studer group and ultimately for the patients
and hospital beds, emergency rooms, and in doctor's offices
across the country, we must assure that the knowledge,
skill and talent of every health care employee
and every clinician is put to best use
for every patient every time.
Frankly, as may be the case with many,
we were not always certain what the implications of adopting
and embedding the Baldrige framework would have on us.
With much to do with very rapid growth and then faced
with the deepest of recessions, we questioned if learning
in using the framework would strengthen us
or divert our attention away from what is important.
I can tell you that leaders are never too busy
to pursue excellence, and it's excellence that enables growth
and the ability not just to survive but to thrive.
Since being named a recipient,
we have increased our workforce by 20 percent.
Quint Studer has often said,
never underestimate the difference one person can make.
In founding Studer Group,
Quint ignited a passion in health care.
Today that flame burns brightly.
And with the guidance of the Baldrige criteria
for performance excellence, we can continue
to reset the benchmark, reset the 99th percentile,
and continuously innovate
to further improve our nation's health outcomes, reduce costs,
and make our country stronger and a role model for the world.
Thank you very much.
[ Applause ]
>> Congratulations once again to all
of our 2010 and 2011 recipients.
[ Applause ]
So ladies and gentlemen,
that concludes our ceremony for this evening.
Please join us downstairs in the exhibit hall for the reception.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
[ Music ]