PhD Podcast #1 - Interview with Edward Park

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[Jaehoon Lee] Hi everybody, welcome to PhD Podcast number 1!
[Jaehoon Lee] And we are here with Edward Park the president of Interact Club
[Jaehoon Lee] Throughout this podcast series, we will meet the student body, and we will interview
[Jaehoon Lee] every single one of them. And by the end of this podcast series, you will know
[Jaehoon Lee] everything about everybody
[Jaehoon Lee] and you will just
[Jaehoon Lee] live on. Okay.
[Jaehoon Lee] so, hi Edward!
[Edward Park] Hello, Jaehoon. [Jaehoon Lee] Can you, uhhh, briefly introduce yourself. [Edward Park] Umm..
[Edward Park] My name is Edward Park.
[Edward Park] I am a senior at Battlefield High School.
[Edward Park] Class of twenty-thirteen. Yea. [Edward nods]
[Jaehoon Lee] And you are the president of Int.. [Edward Park] And I am the president of interact club.
[Jaehoon Lee] uh.. so.. uh.. We would like to just dig up your life today. And..uh... [Edward Park] Dig up my life. [Jaehoon Lee] Uh-huh
[Jaehoon Lee] We are not very interested in your middle school life at all.
[Jaehoon Lee] ummm
[Jaehoon Lee] uh... but we are interested in your high school life, from your freshman to senior year.
[Edward Park] (silently) freshman to senior year...
[Jaehoon Lee] So.. yea. So let's talk about your..uh...since we are interested in
[Jaehoon Lee] your high school life, let's start talking about your kindergarten....
[Jaehoon Lee] life.
[Jaehoon Lee] uh how was your... [Edward Park] my kindergarten life? haha [Jaehoon Lee] Where did you live?
[Edward Park] I am actually not sure where I lived.
by remember to make our those
since that time
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figures car packaging it can mean
mashallah style
that's our plan
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dozens of kashmir in
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was that indeed
uh... state of virginia thousand virginia but that you know
allows a year the action you're not you see your like
more american than americans
they might americans
company american anything that happens
uh... have you ever lake uh...
accidentally peed on your pants or somewhere that dinner cameron years i
heard announcing fiscal
penile cancer
and my mom was a rematch
because they love me
cost five sweatpants has a report hello
and i daresay
cuz i guess i condemn intense hahahaha and i had a lot of this naught
hi i'm not sure that students is store did not go on
it's understandable because when i was interested member this arm
does uh... cancer you played
site where you were really that were the school
lake one of one of one of those calls
it's it's a canceling cup overall i was going over all haha and it was my first
the whales roles and on
and i wasn't making a values i i i didn't know how
jetted off and i had to go to you
dave hennen crew arrived in korea we shared a aggressions right so girls
restroom is right here
and guys urinals are here and grab the i'd have to pete
i was like
okay uh...
nobody on the ticket off and we'll be right
and i i was trying to get out for five minutes and in the restaurant for five
minutes it won't get off and and bill rang the bell rang and i had my my my
heart was just beating so fast that i was at what the heck is happening
and armed
but girl walked into the restroom how is it
like alice crying by then i was like food no success
sit back and the good without no and she read it sooner
around five it stays the slightly
the cut
and that's uh... overall site for you
stories as they relate that
and it's it's like this something connector or whatever and that u_p_s_
taken off
and the system
well it's it's ok other calm
so it's all a high school estaba still on the your freshman year how is your
freshman year
freshman year was good
houseguest student
did you play basketball and
fastball is just kind of a hobby
display the strength of a
as middle school
edition of the legend
james bahut accha hai i did otherwise jaise hi damages part for a while
allowed it all down
lies in the end
but there are so your questionnaire was just uh... days of studying in
thing basketball's policy days of studying
freshman year was easy coming out of school is very similar now
jenny is for a reasonable
any any any girlfriends
non-singing welding characterize call
uh... just throughout
of yeah yes
so honored
after freshman year you have to check you have to make a transition to
software and that's when you're in these classes start resume view my sister
and to you when you're eighty classes started uh... what happened
sac things happen
their lower on that
creates were not the best
actually m_i_t_ paseo de
houses a yeah
but selling out of the intensity actually
house sounds good in math
and i went out for teachers
anti-nazi plus
and uh...
well actually chemistry dot t_ o_ filled me
our camp there bring out on that
tennessee i just got a c
seventy c
says that that's the clothes see right there's a cozy i got a five hundred on
my s_a_t_ exact
as a little has a lot
that that's going to a local rights was seventeen
the reagan it was your t-shirt
yet pipetters personal area if you go to baffle high school eulogies and yeah
uh... figure sophomore year sounds very soft loans and a lot of people wouldn't
let me go through tough times a lot of people
all tend to eat
start heating up fast in hahaha indeed and that's when the mcdonald's steps and
with all the big madsen friday and saturday tme its oversight that man said
blah blah blah blah blah so on
isn't is this when you're up session could either and this is a boomer
whatever uh... from the student body it told me that
edward park
alone started his obsession for mcdonalds
basis is sophomore year is that shirt uh...
uh... i'm sure those around then
how what promises of session test
mcdonald's has a very good dollar menu hahaha
and i want to make on sunday
thank linked and was with me
and he showed me how to order from the dollar menu
like care card to get a lot of the fiction
yeah social liberals is just a convenient semester fam decided that i i
i don't know this guy called greg famine boost if it was the evil
origin of you heard but that's the
obsession of resisted that
so it would only take a moment and
and the camera and tell the quick way how you feel about that
crying uh...
iris estimates mikasa gather
answer in my life
but hopefully we can still be friends
because now i'm house near you
prefer not to hang out with him
separated sped
three body wherever so sorry about that a hug rebel from the break and all of
the emotional moment for both of us and i don't
we will exit online dont be late to put a we would like to ask mister park out
what kind of pressure on is the best restaurant in this world
and uh...
specifically fast food restaurants so that's what's the scale of a surgically
faster than you are so mcdonald dresses working
on the times
mcdonnell's aggressors
taco bell
he's just got to talk to
his after your local sagas
mcdonald's braces
chick fil a
chip ticklish chick fil a change excellent
such a filet tops everything else or
uh... i mean while successive passages to pull a consistency
we could consider it depends whether it's considered
fasted and
i've been to pull the ones
visit tops everything tops everything
triple a_'s very good indiana and as a piece to presentation
not be saying this but
if you haven't tried
should pull a day company you're not my friend anymore
let's move on
uh... so that your son or your worst limit the fast food obsession started
and you uh...
you did very different buried that job and uh...
like any stream at and nasty history up
so trucking about all these
all these harshest so that you had to overcome sock about your ethnicity
ethnicity yesterday from the city you're hearing i don't know who you are like
uh... what what are you
animate reina mae i can't read americans the estate for eight american
alanna work hard and makes us that's the
office at the gates at the creator mary came out and
kardashian or enduring kindergarten
preschool all that
they're really
see it
a life-changing registry
i was a school
no no no it like changes
nothing nothing really hard to do it
all actually
says house asian right
kerala attack is supposedly smart
doused in tennessee and outstanding
it's a tough time
tough times in the living outside seriously
gag i can pick and agree to that and uh... always dislike
everyone i think specs us to be
varies martin and exceptional
we would like to take a moment here and
and tell the world that on not all the asians are not smart allegations like to
eat rice not all the asians
likes soccer not all the issues
heat basketball
like for you to be let's talk about your basketball license
to break the discovery of i'd uh...
inured basketball true i i heard about this guy called jeans park and everybody
just talks about in is this guy
seeing sparring yet
cheese cartel way
is agreeing
he is treated uh... i'm getting used to have its ok uh...
armed since prices are wonderful man
the hunger for me
his alleged
kids teaching spark
i think that's enough to explain his side
he's legend this city
panettiere also
so you you and uh... this guy james for you guys play a lot basketball together
do you plan on that
and your genius to become one of them
like that's what players
that's why i and n_b_a_ aob
now it's just an something funny
refined for fun
icsc moved so
so all these installed something happened
okay so uh... so some somewhere
technical difficulties right there are many ways all the asians are not
like all the agents are we are all different uh...
have since we have an old-time since they were part has to go somewhere in a
move on
to his junior year life
residents machines so your junior year arm
that's when you're romances started i've heard
ho romance your romance
uh... i would like to know about this romance uh... missed ally i don't know
mention any names but there are
by taking cover at least
thirteen girls
not just asian girls i mean like incidents it's it's is its diverse manus
because throughout
like typical white girls to one
career and it's it's just too intense and will just get all that society word
told me and i'm doing the break not to mention
anything about this
so we will not talk about that here and move on to his mid neighborhood junior
life on your image in your life you know i thought i'd also your although nick
all your hobbies uh... are still still ongoing on on those and your how how
about your academic like how about that and i procrastination
did you yet
changing your after messing up so much software yet
has actually you know i use it art classes king-sized he's here
procrastination you know so they're opposed to your doesn't get work hard
and that yourself have four point two wrong
well um... albrow just for did you hear for clinton
so academically and scared
with a successful year for u_s_ successful year fung so this is this is
when you or a presidency actually kind of start seaward campaigning
i remember one day i walked into class below not class tom because i started
and as often as not act
i walked interest school
and i i see all these posters hanging on the balls
wilfred were parked interact club
was afraid it was going to chanting edward edward and it was an
does a good morning
uh... i wish i remember that a little more hahahaha activity case anybody
as it does because it came on
becoming president console om talk to feel bound to be president by default
uh... happen
so basically armpits
before i just want a line interactive dance i realized
and i thought was going to get the next year
has been a sponsor
we had no
no prison willing to step of as president
saw outside
called become president
and but then you know knowing
the title president might not have to stand karne
felt good coded whether ozford budget or not
does as good as good anemic yeah i really don't think the process matters
in understanding process does matter but omg you work and you do you're doing a
very fine job as a president right now and c_n_n_ and i'm hearing i'm getting
calls from home
but delayed all these are lifestyle magazine and stuff
they're like interactive online only this guy and
i think i'll be got your first time yes arms so we'll cover everything about you
today a man
all the other magazines can just listen that excuse the that's right that's
your junior year was
but very good year compared to your software yes
and that your freshman year
as a slightly better slider died and your your social life how it your
friends did you get to know more friends
appealed to me
yeah throughout my schooling tomahawk
be met akin named jason
on the house was last week i say his last name
what what what it's really really unheard of
rahul getting frozen yogurt one day and then
and a
and in some guy comes in and a u_s_ o_j_ yet
dard consumers days but yeah well i have a lot bhagat uh... he's a he's a good
uh... he short is short
uh... but short
they short uh... payment to compare interests match itself almost the same
action this summer if i win alcoholic again that eight dead and i i i had a
hair but are you still doesn't work ahead
so he's not nothing compared to the the legendary james part
he's he's prolly
half their ok have happily prasad s
testing too much
for gays and on this id but deny what's this
uh... let's move on
are so
senior junior year was a very good year
i would really want to go into your romantic life romance let's let's not
cover that because you
told me not to
peter president
like making me not to talk about home and throw we will not talk about it off
this girl u_c_l_a_ your senior year uh... g its
your senior year
its system
full of happiness and love and happiness in the ocean explained it to tell me
about your senior year
theme president arafat
did not realize it was going to decide
i want to know
sponsor rotary international which is available to him as asian car driver
and then we learned ah...
was like a weekend camp
who wants a campsite in the mail and death in the usa possibly collections
from different places
than i realized
i can be a good leader
and then uh...
for interact club you know things we found a sponsor
the i_b_t_ setup now insti
smooth sailing newsstands assailing and that's a good
that's a good weekend
if that's really good by i i i really got relieved
envy your passion and you are you are one of the most dedicated
student of battles school
uh... good
you'd like to before we end this podcast uh...
since we can't disney wants its hochhe
the viewers the audience's and and there wasn't
there was some special moments but there weren't any lake
romantic special moments so we would like to
so we are not gonna talk about eddyville high uh... all those
thirteen girls are mentioned and i'll never mind
are going to talk about capella since then
so this year you decide to take actress
its economic circuits
ticket mean
captures home
c out for teacher that i can mention
as a very rough spots yet
junior i went to the fact that
those very simple clock solicited ceiling dismissed an idea i was hoping
to my face classes now
saas like that so that i got confidence again en masse
uh... sound that come into senior year calculus she was has passed
cities yeah
what's your opinion on how decision well up
edward park once to interview me now hahaha
is catalyst i would ya directed trade was a smooth sailing for me to come
because i can't tree and ours and i guess is that
an easy uh... and so uh... i have a copy ninety-seven ended up with ninety seven
twenty seven year old and young the young man at a hundred electric cars
with no week nineteen ninety-seven ninety-nine and and and and it was
smooth sailing i think huh
easy so outside
i got over confident and that i thought that mess and
moment nama como
specifics breathless licked
kilby it shows that was deep in my eyes are genuinely a media is leading the
it's been continuing on
that was a b uh... i thought it was it easy tonight at five event was easy at
first i was right after this is the high got decide on this and i i was like a
finished with ninety two first quarter and all that
and i have
now i'm just like
zero robinson crew so have you read that book
uh... and products increase of its like robert citron's ronson
so kotecha laptop coach i got that looks like
i'll have to say it's like being a smirk
and thanking us for our yall i wonder who knows that feeling
never albino examples of all of that is so jack is a bead might seem easy and
some sloppy polite tell you all cities class but it's not so
costing caution for all of you in junior software your viewers and on
um... battle the battle of that that covers everything uh...
miscellany any comments that you want me to any of your friends or you're in a
house members or
all your sponsor nh
or your mom and dad or your grandpa and grandma war you or
uh... you guys her
join interact club is awesome club
we changed the world
will have some fun exciting events in the future
pc interact on a talk show
debate for that
this commission
right so we or here with i work hard for over twenty minutes a big hit me have we
have discussed a lot of exhibit
we have learned all about it or part-time and we will be back twenty
years later
if somebody's life again thank you guys and for joining and will see as women
i thought that