How to add Facebook Like Box to Blogger | Add Facebook Like Box to Blogger | Facebook Like Box 2013

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Hello, This is TOTI
today I will show you how to add a Like Box to your Blogger Blog
To do this
you need to have a facebook Fan Page, and this is my Facebook Fan Page
And what you need to do in your Facebook Fan Page is Copy the URL here
And then go to this page by typing this URL
I already put the URL in the Description below, so make sure you check it.
Alright, now go to
Click on LIKE BOX, here you have to put the URL
I told ou to copy
From your Facebook Fan Page
But make sure you put
the http://
if you don't put
your full address
it might not work
and Uncheck Show Stream
and about the Width and Height, you can do it
by manual
In which size that you want. For me, I prefer
This Size and This Size
to make it square
I want to show header
This is header
Show Faces It means show these faces
okay then click on get cold
In your Like Box Plugin Code, I prefer to use IFRAME
Because it's easy
By click on your code and copy
now go to BLOGGER.COM
You just, and you will go to this page
Sign in
Now I sign into my account
choose a blog which you want to install
for example, I choose
My blog name's CAT
Then click on layout tap
Click on add gadget
And then choose HTMl
and JavaScript
Click on this button
okay uh... now you can paste your code here
For me I don't add any title,but if you want you
You can put the title here
And then I click Save
OK, Now, you can view your blog
and you can see
You can see here
A Like box
And I got you one more trick, YOU can
Change width
and Height by edit the code here
for example, I want
five hundred
five hundred
and also edit here
Five Hundred
and then i click save
okay let's see what happened to this Like box
you see
let's stop here
please look at the description to all information
Thanks,for watching
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Good Luck!
Thank you.