Funeral Fornication Video Blog: Vultyrous discusses 'In Times of Weakness, My Being is Compromised'

Uploaded by hypnoticdirgerecords on 19.07.2011

This song concludes the journey of the last man on earth, after being consumed by the darkness, and becoming something else entirely.
He is unsure of his state in the universe. He thinks he's dead, yet he seems alive.
His body is withered in decay and weakness prevents him from moving. Truth of it being, his body is dead but he is doomed to remain conscious and feel every bit of decay that happens to his corpse.
He gets to spend what will feel like an eternity in torment and pain, as his body slowly decays into dust over the years and years.
The big realization here is that this was the curse of darkness brought forth by the reapers of the light, so in fact every human that died by their hand endured the same fate.
So even though mankind is dead, their minds live on to feel their bodies rot.
Lyrics: Cosmis light has all but waned
Lyrics: On this night like no other before
Lyrics: We are drawing down the stars
Lyrics: And the world bares the scorn