SPF: Not Yet Rated Film Festival

Uploaded by ArizonaStudentUnions on 21.03.2011

♫ ♪
Kyle: Hi! I'm Kyle. Kacy: And I'm Kacy.
Kyle: And we are not where you think we are!
*high five*
Kyle: That's right! We're in Gallagher Theatre, the
premiere spot for box office hits here on campus.
Kacy: But that's not what we're here to talk about.
Kyle: ...it's not?
Kacy: No! This April, instead of having Hollywood's films brought here, Gallagher wants you
to bring your films to the big screen!
Kyle: Ah! Like when I submitted my art film to Sundance...
♫ ♪ (weird art film music) ♫ ♪
Kacy: Make it stop!
Kyle: Well, at least you lasted longer than the Sundance crowd.
Kyle: They passed out after five seconds.
Kacy: That's... understandable.
Kacy: Anyway, we're here to talk about the 'Not Yet Rated' film festival, brought to you by Gallagher Theatre and
the University Activities Board - the same people who brought Teenage Paparazzo
to the U of A campus.
Kyle: The rules are simple - make sure your films are less than 15 minutes, and
submitted to ASUA by April 7th.
Kacy: There are three award catagories - Best Drama, Best Comedy, and Best Picture.
Kyle: All the films are going to be screened on April 14th at 7pm.
Kyle: And this event is *not* something you want to miss - be sure to check it out!
Kyle: Oh, and for all of you out there who are concerned that I'm going to 'steal the show' again this year, fear not!
Kyle: I'm not submitting my latest art film.
Kacy: It's probably because your latest film is illegal in 30 different states.
Kyle: No one understands my artistic vision.
Kacy: I don't think I'd want to.
Kyle: (sigh) Your loss!
Kyle: I'm Kyle. Kacy: And I'm Kacy.
Kacy: We'll see you next week!
Kacy: So Kyle, do you have any upcoming film projects?
Kyle: You know it! I'm working on a documentary for Justin Bieber called "Don't Mention Don't".
Kacy: Umm... you know they already made a documentary on him, right?
Kyle: Ugh! I never should have told him my idea!
Kyle: Justin steals everything - just like he stole my haircut!
Kacy: You've never had a Bieber!
Kyle: I did! And my hair flip was amazing.