Raven Chapter 3: The Mask and the Super Glue: Part 1: Raven's First Punishment

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that pat
and a superb new
the following morning just before the father left for his beastly second-hand
car garage
mathilde slipped into the cloakroom
i've got a hold of a hat he wore each day to work
she had to stand on their toes andree choppers higher sheep code with the
walking stick
in order to hope that all for peg
and even then sheik only just made it
that itself
was one of those flat
pork pie jobs with o_j_'s feather stock in the hat band
and mister will mood was very proud of it
he thought it gave him a ricky shtm daring look
especially when he wore it at an angle with these loud checked jackets and
agreement i a
holding the hat in one hand anna seemed to look super due to win the other
proceeded to squeeze a line of glue that uniquely all around the inside beam of
the hat
then she carefully hoop the hacked back onto the pegged with a walking stick
she time this operation denny carefully
applying the new just as a father was getting up from the breakfast table
mister world would didn't notice anything when he put the hat on
but when he arrived at the garage
he couldn't get it off
super glue is very powerful stuff
so powerful it will take your skin off if you polled too hard
mister bloom would didn't want to be scalped
so we have to keep the hat on his head dot hold a longer even when putting
sawdust in the gearboxes and fiddling the mileage of qaz
with his electric grill
in an effort to save face
he adopted it casual attitude would hoping that his stuff would think that
he actually meant to keep intact on old a longer just for the heck of it like
gangsters doing the films
when he got home that evening
he still couldn't get the hats off
don't be silly
his wife said
comptia i'll take it off for your
she gave the haft as shop yank
missed a worm would be left out to yell dot rattled the window panes
he screamed
don't you do with that
let go iraq office get off my forehead
nestling in her usual chair who's watching this performance over the
removable with some interest
what's the matter that day
has or had suddenly swollen or something
applauded lead it is door to with deep suspicion
but said nothing
how could he
missus worm would said to him
it must be super glue
it couldn't be anything else
that'll teach you to go playing around with nasty stuff like that
expect you were trying to stick another for the in your hat
uh... type stuff
flaming stuff
mister wilmut shouted
he turned and looked again that mathilde who looked back at him with large
innocent brown eyes
missus wilmut said to him
you should be the label on the to work before you start messing with dangerous
always follow the instructions on the label
"What in heaven's name are ya talking about you stupid witch?!"
Mr. Wilson shouted,
touching the brim of his hat
to stop anyone trying to pull it off again.
"Do you think I'm so stupid, I'd glue this thing to my head on purpose?!"