RIT on TV: Finding George Delany

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 21.03.2011

>>ANCHOR: It's been one week since the car belonging to RIT student George Delany was
found on the side of the road in Wayland, Steuben County. And as YNN's Anne Lithiluxa
tells us, finding Delany has become one college professor's mission and she's recruiting students
along the way.
>>REPORTER: It was last fall when Paloma Capanna first met George Delany.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: Great student. Comes to class on time and prepared and answers questions.
>>REPORTER: Capanna is a political science professor at RIT. On Tuesday, before the campus
was made aware of his disappearance, Capanna called on him in class.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: Just automatically, I said, 'Mr. Delany can you bring some sense to this
issue? Expecting the calm voice of George DeLany. There was a moment as we all looked
>>REPORTER: George is 21 years old, too old, Capanna said, for an Amber Alert or nationwide
search systems.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: Our efforts are to become the amber alert for George Delany.
>>REPORTER: Capanna recruited several local college and high school students, like Webster-Schroeder's
Beth Gillis, to set up a Facebook page, and post flyers in Rochester, Dansville and Wayland,
where George's car was recovered last Sunday.
>>BETH GILLIS: Hopefully the people that do receive them have the effort to take a piece
of tape and spread the faces, spread the word, and get someone out there to help George.
>>REPORTER: The search for George Delany has started to spread outside the Rochester area.
This weekend alone over 2,000 flyers went out many as far as New York City and even
Washington D.C.
>>PALOMA CAPANNA: It might sound old fashioned to college students but many activists I know
are not necessarily on Facebook but I want to make sure they know.
>>REPORTER: Gillis doesn't know Delany but believes he would help her if the situation
was reversed.
>>BETH GILLIS: I want to the work force that's out there looking for George, looking for
me. I know the same holds true to any of my friends, anyone out there who isn't getting
the attention their case deserves.
>>REPORTER: Anne Lithiluxa, YNN.