Skidome Denmark - The World's Biggest Skidome

Uploaded by SkidomeDenmark on 31.10.2012

Basically, Skidome Denmark is about
- not going to the Alps -
but bringing a bit of the Alps and the skiing to Denmark
We're looking at a construction
with a base layout similar to a snow flake
So it actually describes a circle
and the diameter of this circle is 700 meters
which means that each arch spans all of 700 meters
The top arch, which is supported by the two arches below
is 110 meters at its highest point
This means it's a very prominent landmark
capable of competing with e.g. skycrapers in other cities
The commercial areas, including the hotel areas,
the shopping areas and the restaurant-afterski areas,
all add up to more than 70.000 square meters
Skidome Denmark is meant for everyone who loves skiing
That's everyone from families with children, young couples
to pensioners and skiing clubs, etc.
We also see a great opportunity to teach skiing skills
to beginners who haven't tried Alpine skiing before.
And perhaps that is one of our biggest passions:
to pass on the joy of skiing to people with no previous skiing experience
and suddenly that is a possibility with Skidome Denmark
We help providing people with the basic skiing skills
and send them on holidays in the Alps.
We can give something new to Randers, obviously, the infrastructure;
tying together two separate parts of the town
But not just that - even when the Skidome is closed
the roof areas are open to the public
We have 3 arches which make up the 6 arms of the snow flake
The topmost arch is a skiing resort with bristle brushes
- inside of course, we have real snow -
but the outside slope has bristle brushes for sommer skiing
Then, we have an arch covered with a hard, concrete landscape
which can be used for Street Culture; street activities
like skate boarding, BMX, rollerskating etc.
and then, there's a soft surface with a recreational path
which is great for walking, playing ball or just relaxing in the sun
so really a kind of a lawn which spans the river Gudenaa