[Episode 4 Reaching For Candy Mafia's Dream] House of Candy Mafia ตอน Asia Song Festival 2012

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BamBam : Hiůnow we're going to greet senior commissioned officer who works here
BamBam : The office has something relate with government, I don't really know what exactly are they doing
BamBam : But we're going to greet them and introduce ourselves anyway
BamBam : This is my Chinese herbal medicine that I have to take a pack after every meal ugh!
BamBam : Later guysůBye Bye
Stylist : I'm gonna show these earpieces to our hairstylist and makeup artist
Stylist : to discuss with them about what kind of hairstyle and look that would go good with these earpieces and all accessories
BamBam : My Chinese herbal medicine! The first time when I tried it I almost threw up
Garn : Are you advertising your medicine?
BamBam : Nope. But now I think it tastes good, It makes me feel more powerful
Nett : This is too tight
Milk : Sawasdee ka. It's Milk, Candy Mafia
Milk : About the costume, for me it's kinda hard to say
Milk : Because of my character in the group I always get the girly or cute costume.
Milk : But my costume in this event is pretty sexy
Milk : I'm confident, but at the same time I am very nervous
Milk : I have no problem wearing it, I'm just very excited and nervous
Milk : My mom and everyone are pretty worried because I haven't worn anything like this before
Milk : I'm worried too cuz' I just turned 17 and I don't want to look too sexy for my age
Milk : But it's ok, there's nothing I can do but show my best on the stage
BamBam : It should be like 1 2 3 4 5 6
Heejong : That's right. Where is your microphone?
Heejong : Hey Garn
Garn : I'm just gonna grab this
Heejong : 5 6 7 8!
Nune : I had no pressure about coming to practice here. I thought it would be fun to practice with all members
Nune : There's another choreographer in Thailand, Suengmin.
Nune : He's pretty chill and teach us comfortably
Nune : But here, everything is totally different. It's very tight, very strict and very very hard
Nune : We have to change a lot of choreographs, like almost everything we've been practicing in Thailand
Nune : Now there are only 4 days left and that puts a lot of pressure on me
Nune : I didn't know it would be this hard
Milk : Weren't we supposed to walk that way?
CM and Heejong : *Arguing about blocking*
Manager : Wellůthat's good
Manager : Why do you practice then?
Manager : You have no idea how much effort and preparation it takes to get you girls here
Manager : and you have no idea how many things all the staff needs to do after this event is finished
Staff : He said we'll start practicing again after you all finish crying
Garn : Yesterday was the worst day for Candy Mafia
Garn : We had a fight with our manager, our choreographer and even with each other
Garn : Then our producer walked up to us and said we're all (the staff) always believe that Candy Mafia is number one
Garn : Everything they've done, it's all for us. Even when they angry at us, it is because they want us to push our limit and improve ourselves
Garn : I know that they do their best with all good intentions to bring us to this stage
Garn : and I know that it is a lot of hard work for them and they must be tired too
Garn : That's why I wanna say Candy Mafia will not let anyone down
Garn : We won't make any of them regret for what they've done for us
Garn : Everyone; our producer, all the staff, our manager, Suengmin, Heejong and our fans
Garn : We, Candy Mafia, promise that we won't let you down. You won't regret for bringing us here
Garn : We will do our best to introduce Candy Mafia and Thailand throughout Asia
Producer : Circle up. Circle up
Producer : Let's start again
Producer : The show is tomorrow
Producer : The first time I found out that you're coming to perform here, do you know how much I proud of you girls?
Producer : As your producer, I'm so happy. You should be even happier than I am, right?
Producer : Come on! Let's try again 1 2 3
Producer : That is all you got?
Producer : Again 1 2 3!
Producer : I start my career as a music producer almost the same time when Candy Mafia has formed
Producer : I was just a junior who helps other big music producer
Producer : Until I met them and start produce songs for them
Producer : We kinda grew up and improve ourselves together
Producer : I wanna thank to both of us; myself and the girls, for bringing us to this point together
Nett : To Heejongů
Nett : I love you so much. No other teacher has ever made me love and feel so close to them like the way you do
Nett : I think he's a really good teacher
Nett : He's really strict teacher when we're in the class but when we're not he's totally a different guy
Nett : He's really playful. He's like our friend and brother
Nett : I can say that without him Candy Mafia will never be able to dance like we do now
BamBam : He's always the same to me
BamBam : He's really nice Korean guy
BamBam : Always take care everything for us, not only practicing but everything
BamBam : Since likeůdepart from the hotel to practice and send us back to the hotel after, He takes good care of us about everything
BamBam : He's also funny and playful but when he gets strict, he will get really really strict
BamBam : He knows It's time to do his duty
Heejong : Lastly, I want them to do a good job. This is not the end, it is the beginning
Heejong : If they were a little Candy Mafia before, I think this is the process of getting older to be a mature Candy Mafia
Heejong : (To perform on such a big stage oversea) It is their dream but it's not the end
Heejong : Once we've achieved our dream, we will always see the higher one
Heejong : I want them to keep chasing their higher dreams and I will always chasing it with them. Forever
Heejong : *We asked why does he love CM that much* There is no reason to love someone right? haha
Staff : *Translate* He asked if you still remember what have you promised him
BamBam : *Burst out crying*
BamBam : We promised him since our first single that we will always try our best no matter what happens
BamBam : Since it's his and CM's dream to be a singer and to perform at a great event, we will carry both of our dream
BamBam : I promised him that I won't give up on our dream and will do our best
Heejong : Really good point of CM is whenever it comes to the duty that they need to do, They never give up
Heejong : Though it's tough they will show you that they can overcome it
Heejong : There's no reason for me to love them
Heejong : When I got to know them, I know that they can make my dreams come true
Heejong : They're like no other who wants to be a singer just because of money or fame
Heejong : But Candy Mafia just wants to express their self and have a good time on the stage
Heejong : I think this is a charm of Candy Mafia that can make people love them
Heejong : I had a dream to be a singer like that
Heejong : I like them when we first met but then I got to teach them and I saw that they work really hard and that's what makes me love them
Heejong : Now I can say that I love them as much as myself