[Jurnal Otaku Indonesia] Episode 04 - Interview w/ Danny Choo

Uploaded by jurnalotakuidn on 17.01.2013

Hey, guys. We meet again in Jurnal Otaku Indonesia.
I'm Randy and this is my partner, Nugra.
I apologize for his appearance. He's a bit crazy 'cause he's still sick.
In this episode, we'll talk about a public figure that maybe most of you guys know or maybe don't know yet.
This person visited Jakarta last September for AFA Indonesia 2012.
He's quite famous all over the world.
His name is Danny Choo.
He can be said someone who's successful in developing his passion in Japanese culture.
He made it into his work and become productive. You can say he live on his hobby.
In last week's episode, we've seen Comic Fiesta and also invited Arka and Rico to discuss about the event.
And you've seen that I mostly hang around Culture Japan's booth.
I got the chance to interview Danny and this is because I helped him at the booth.
So, this exclusive interview is for our viewers and Danny's fans in Indonesia.
How's the interview and what did we talk about? Let's just watch the full video.
We meet again with me, Nugra, and this is Jurnal Otaku Indonesia's last day in Malaysia.
Like I said yesterday, today we will one of our role model. Otaku's role model.
And I'm quite lucky to be able to work together and get an exclusive interview with the prophet.
Okay, let's start the interview now.
So that's how the interview is. Nug, how's your impression when you interview him?
At first, our interview was almost canceled and we decided to do it on Skype.
But luckily, after I did some awesome marketing tactics...
I got a chance because I did something like this.
Danny, here's some offerings for you from Culture Japan Indonesia team. Please accept it.
And I got an interview directly after that.
Directly, huh...
Yeah, directly. If you saw his twitter posts, his days in Malaysia are filled with meetings and other work.
Yeah, meetings everywhere.
I feel I'm very fortunate to get an exclusive interview.
At the event, even some local tv stations want to interview but didn't get any.
Well, it was very busy.
Hopefully one day we can bring Danny to sit and talk with us together directly.
Me, Randy, and Danny.
And for those of you who want to know more about Danny Choo, you guys can go directly to his website. We've provided the link here.
As we've promised in the last episode, we will show you what goodies that Danny gave for the free giveaway.
Presents for you guys.
Where's the goodies?
Okay, here are the goodies.
There's a t-shirt.
It's the latest design that was sold in Comic Fiesta 2012.
Then, that one?
This one is a mysterious tube filled with posters. It's mixed with mine.
This Wooser poster is mine. I "stole" it from Good Smile Company.
Okay, here.
3 exclusive posters.
This is from Culture Japan's booth in Comic Fiesta.
This design is only available over there and there'll be no more of this.
Plus Danny's signature in some mysterious places.
It's very obvious.
Every single one has an exclusive signature from him.
How can you guys get all of this for free?
You guys can check our Facebook page for more info on how to get them.
How many winners are we deciding on?
We're going to decide on 3 winners.
Which one will you get? Check it on our Facebook page.
Okay, let's store them back. Don't damage them.
We'll end today's episode here.