Maquillaje Inspirado en Rihanna de Verano - Summer Makeup

Uploaded by contoelstyle on 17.05.2010

Summer makeup inspired in Rihanna
Hello! How are you? ^^ Today I will show you how to do the Rihanna makeup a subscriptor asked for
it's very summery ^^
I like it quite a lot It's quite pretty ^^
and for summer it's very fresh so...
So! I decided to please the subscriptor ^^ Let's start!
To start with I apply a pre base for eyeshadow
Apply it on the upper eyelid below the eyebrow and below the bottom eyelashes
I will then apply with my finger this eyeshadow cream
it's from Hean color number 6
and will apply it with my fingertip on all the upper eyelid
To continue, use a golden eyeshadow
I will use this palette which you can buy at Beauties Factory
it's model number 23
I will use the brush to apply it on the upper eyelid
With the brown eyeshadow from the same palette
I will apply it only at the eye's "banana"
with a diffuser brush
and will spread it just a bit downwards to the upper eyelid
Now I will use this liquid liner
from Eyeko
It's used by wetting the little brush with the eyeshadow
and then delineate as a common liner
for this I will use the light blue eyeshadow
with a slanted brush and with BlackTrack from Mac
I will delineate the eyelashes root on the upper eyelid
and will continue to draw just a little bit at the eye corner
remember, just slightly as she has not done this effect but I felt for giving this personal touch
Now, with a white pencil I will procede to delineate all the waterline
she (rihanna) uses a black delineation but in my opinion, white looks better and gives light to your face
I comb and curl my eyelashes
and I will use a eye mask called Telescopic
Carbon Black from Loreal
and I will use this one because I want to achieve a well defined look
To have them well set apart and well strechted
and now, with my eyebrow kit I will procede to fill up nicely my eyebrows
I will do this thoroughly because if you recall the videoclip, Rihanna has a well-defined eyebrow
With a slanted brush I will apply this outliner from Elf
and will apply it in this area "here"
to give a more tanned look to my face
With a blusher brush I will apply some light brown blusher
and I will apply over this area diffusing it well
to give even more a tanned look
and now, with a clean blusher brush I will apply this pinkish blusher
and spread it thoroughly over this area here
to give a healthier and pink look
I will now use the Mineral Terra enlightener
and with a thin brush I will apply some diffuser over this area here and on the nose
and now, with a pinkish lip delineator
I will delineate and fill in all my lips
I will now use this two glosses from Essence
and will mix them up in my hand
to create the color I'm looking for
I will apply this mix with the brush on my lips
So! I hope you've like it As you see it's a very summery makeup
As you see there are a lot of product to use but it's not necessary to use exactly the same ones
you can use products you have at home that are similar
you can even try to mix colors together to achieve the tone you look for
as you saw, I didn't have the color Rihanna wears in her videoclip but mixing what I had, I achieved a similar one
So take good note just continue trying until you get the color you desire
And that's all! See you in the next video! :* Bye!