The Puppet Actor: Meet The Gang - LearningTown Ep. 2 Bonus

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HEATHFIELD: Let's get up here.
It's a little tall for me, sorry about that.
So what's going on?
What are we talking about here?
BRANSON: Yeah, we're here?
-A little bit, a little--
What, there, more there?
-One second.
STEVE: Yeah, fix my eyeball.
Make me pretty.
BIRDBIRD: OK, that marker was a little close to my face,
just so that you know.
-More this way
BRANSON: This way?
-Uh, yeah.
-A hair to the--
BRANSON: You're confusing me, darling.
HEATHFIELD: Oh well, my agent called me, and he said, you
want to do this dinky little thing, and I was
like, yeah, I guess.
You know, I wasn't really that into it.
But I don't know, the benefits are pretty cool.
And so far, it's been OK.
You know, I've been on a lot of sets in my day.
So I'm used to it, you know what I'm saying?
STEVE: I moved to town about maybe 6 months ago.
And I paid this agency $1,800, and they said that
they'd get me out.
So five months into that, I found this job on my own.
BRANSON: You know, when Harvey--
Harvey, that's my agent-- told me about the part, I said,
Harvey, zip your lip, I am in.
After all these years and years of Broadway and
on-Broadway and off-Broadway, I just told him, I'm in.
This is something new.
It's like a breath of fresh air.
BIRDBIRD: Look, I have to get into makeup,
so what are we doing?
-We're just doing a behind the scenes for "Learning Town." If
you could just say who you are and a
little bit about yourself.
You don't know who I am?

BIRDBIRD: Yeah, this interview is over.
Cut it.