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Go, go, quickly!
Anyone else want to play?
Anyone want to be fifth?
Go, blind man, go for it!
Blind man, hold on!
Five men down!
That's good...
- What are you doing?! - Are you Zatoichi?
- Who are you? - Never mind. I'm going to kill you.
- Don't move or I'll get angry. - Don't kid about.
What can you do, you're blind! Drop dead, blind man!
Now you've made me angry!
Shut up blind man!
You're not that skillful... Why did you try to kill me?
Explain! I said explain!
- Mother... - What?
I can't see. I can't see.
Everything is black! Damn it!
Explain it to me, explain I tell you! Why did you want to kill me?
I wanted the ten ryo offered on your head.
Ten ryo on my head... Who's paying this money?
Just tell me your name. What is your name?
- Kisuke from Monju. - Where does your mother live?
My mother is nothing but a yakuza.
You! Where does she live?
Okishi's boss has arrived.
- Excuse us. - Welcome.
- Okishi's boss! - If it isn't the spirited grandma!
Welcome. What's taking you so long, bring us something to drink.
It's livelier than a festival here.
Banker Okishi, thank you for coming.
Sakichi, in weather like this, I'm glad to see the place is busy.
Yagiri, Tamamura, you're all here.
If not for occasions like this we'd never get to see you.
That's true.
What do you want?
I came to see the mother of Kisuke from Monju.
Kisuke? That fool's bringing me trouble.
- So, you are his mother? - Yes. What has he done now?
What is it? You're scaring me!
Please pardon me. I have killed him.
- You, you have killed Kisuke? - Yes.
- Kisuke is dead? - Yes.
Coming here under your own name shows that you're not a villain.
What I'd like to know is, did you two fight with dignity?
Yes, it was a fair fight, according to the rules.
That's all I wanted to hear.
I brought this from Kisuke. There are 10 ryo in there.
He asked me to give it to you as pocket money instead of a souvenir.
That's what he told me.
He was a bad son.
I knew this would happen one day, leaving your mother like this.
This is your punishment. But I'm not going to mourn you,
to live as a Yakuze does, you must be ready to die.
You must have done something good to not die on the roadside.
Ichi, have you forgotten my voice?
You're Yagiri's Tokyuro.
- I will revenge you for this. - It was not my fault. Wait!
It's you, isn't it, who put money on my head... Wait, you bastards!
If you make such a commotion you will wake the dead!
Wait, banker Yagiri, if it's to avenge Kisuke-stop!
This man has a pure heart,
and Kisuke should be happy to have been killed by such a man.
What's so great about being killed by a blind man!
He's a brutal criminal!
Yagiri, you are a guest of Shimonida now.
The decision wheter or not to kill me should come from Shimonida's heir.
Today is the first day of the festival.
I don't want trouble on a day many people have waited for.
That's true.
Are you going to let him go?
- We should follow him. - Why?
It's unthinkable that the Shimonida family will let Ichi go unharmed.
When the time comes, I'll act.
I will pay 24 ryo to anyone who kills this bastard.
I'm so hungry...
- Are the rice cakes ready? - A little more patience.
- Who's that dirty looking man? - A customer. He's funny...
He came in and sat down, and said only "food please"...
- Isn't he just a beggar? - He said he can pay for the night.
Well, he can give a good back massage. Let him stay.
- The food is ready. - Thank you.
Please bring me tea.
Thank you.
- Masseur, here's your tea. - Thank you.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
Sister, don't look at me while I'm eating. It's not a pretty sight.
Your face is so dirty, it's black with dirt and sweat.
But you are a good looking man. What a waste.
You're a pretty woman yourself.
You're kidding me...
What are you doing? Hurry up and bring it!
Do you need anything? Oh, I see. It's Tanakura sensei...
Hey, quickly, take 2-3 bottles of Sake up to the second floor!
Madame, please ask for anything for such an important guest
who came here at our request.
Father, I need some help with the flower cards.
I'm coming. Excuse me.
Sister, I'd like to do some laundry.
Where's the sake? Where is it?
- I'm asking you where it is. - Yes, the maid is bringing it now.
Open up there. It's too hot...
The masseur is staying here, but what do you want from him?
Stop complaining. Get him out here.
We want a word with him, little Nobu.
I don't know what it's about, but it seems you're bullying a weak man.
You look so great...
How dare you talk to the boss like that!
- You're only Shimazo's daughter! - So what!
Nobu, you shouldn't be impolite.
Sakichi, please don't be angry with her.
Shimazo-san, tell the masseur hiding in your place
to get out here before something happens to him.
Look for him.
Masseur, would you like to do the laundry? Come here.
- Thank you very much. - This way.
So much laundry has piled up, it must be smelly...
- Oh, stop it... - Excuse me, everyone.
- Ah, Yagiri. - Shimazo-san, you look well.
Isn't it dangerous for you to be seen here by the Shimonida Family?
I'm cautious. My men are guarding the entrance.
You, make sure no member of the house comes here.
You have my letter. I hear a guest called Tanakura is here.
He came with his wife 3 days ago and is staying on the second floor.
He's a strong, muscular man, but not very obedient...
Shimazo-san, there's a better way to kill the coward Sakichi.
- What do you mean? - Nobu-san.
Sakichi wants her for a wife.
- I'll never marry Nobu to him. - You'll pretend to give her...
No! I won't use my daughter as a tool! It's a man's fight.
- If you feel so strongly about it. - Help me with one thing.
If Shimonida enters this territory, I'll give you my profits. Help me.
This is why I came here. Leave it to me.
Ah, Tanakura-san!
Shimazo-san, I hear Kunisada is coming for the celebration tonight.
Chuji is coming.
Yes, he's friends with Kunisada and Sahei from Sendai.
Let's leave Sakichi's wipe-out till after Chuji leaves.
There's a plan for Tanakura to do him in at the Hana-kai.
That's fine. By the way, is Zatoichi staying at your place?
The blind type who killed the Yakuza brother Kisuke.
- Oh, that masseur... - What do you say?
I'll break Sakichi into pieces. We'll be even.
- It's here. - Thank you. You are the daughter.
- I'll hang it for you. - No thank you. I'll do it myself.
- What's wrong? - I can do this myself.
It's good exercise.
Your house was once a gambling place?
Yes, of Yakuza, but 5 years ago it was taken by Sakichi's heir.
Instead of leaving the village, we're managing this inn. I think it's best.
You love that heir of Shimonida...
Yes, I do.
- But... - But what?
It will make Father miserable.
I'm an abandoned child.
Really. I was abandoned, and father found me and brought me up.
- I don't know my real parents. - Really...
Father can't forget his old dream.
He still misses the gaudy life we had five years ago.
I see. Now I understand.
I have a feeling that something terrible is going to happen soon.
Father and Sakichi-san will kill each other. What shall I do?
Everyone, allow me to congratulate you on this festive day.
Very well. Everybody!
Please, help yourselves.
You bastard!
Who are you?!
I see a nice sum of Geisha service money is collected. I'll take it!
- You're joking. - Who sent you?
You don't look like a Hana-kai guest.
I'm here on behalf of Kuwayama Keisuke to attend to business.
You won't get away with this nonsense.
I'm not leaving empty-handed.
Let's hear how you are going to kill me for ruining your Hana-kai.
So, what will it be?
Or are you going to hand me the money? Answer!
Excuse me, everyone.
Allow me to congratulate all of you today.
Ichi! How brave of you to come here.
Banker Yagiri, very pleased...
Next must be Banker Tamamura,
and Okishi's boss, Unosuke boss, all together, very pleased.
I am Zatoichi, a masseur Yakuza.
- I'm glad to meet all of you. - Bastard! Behaving as our equal!
Excuse me, it's a small sum, but would someone hang it there?
Ichi, you waltz in here feeling good.
You must know you won't leave here alive.
Nonsense. You're talking of yourself. You've never challenged me before.
Besides, one blind man standing in front of all the big bosses,
has to be a world class joke.
Bastard! Will you shut up?
Don't say that. Today is Sakichi's heir's first Hana-kai.
Samurai, put your sword back in it's case.
You blind bastard, this is not your acting stage!
I'm talking to the Samurai here.
Maybe we can settle the matter here and now.
- Unless, it's a problem for you. - Enough! I won't put up with this!
The blind guy is making a fool of us. I'm going to do him in too!
- Wait, banker. - No, that's enough. Sakichi-san!
- You can't handle it. - Wait, wait.
Samurai, what are you going to do?
If you interrupt, I'll use force too.
There's a huge sum on his head. Let's wait.
Don't be alarmed. You defeated me just now. It was impressive.
- It's Kunisada's boss. - Ah, Kunisada's boss.
- How are you? - I'm alive and kicking.
- Where's the Sakichi boy? - He's at the Hana-kai.
But boss, you shouldn't call him that. He's a respectable heir now.
Yes, he is. You breast-fed him to become a great gambler.
By the way Maki, any news of your own son?
Would you like to stay the night? We've also prepared a warm bath.
- Hey, is Zatoichi staying here? - Zatoichi?
What's going on?
If you mean the masseur, he's here.
- Are you him? - What about him?
I just heard at the tavern. Everyone's talking about
his amazing sword drawing in front of all the bosses at the Hana-kai.
Sword drawing?
This is no ordinary masseur. His sword drawing is amazing!
Better than me? I never lose!
Listen to this story.
3 years ago, in a big fight near Sasagawa river,
he knocked down a famous swordsman in one blow!
His sword is shiny and ice-cold,
the only thing it won't cut in this whole wide world,
is oil and the bond of lovers.
What I just heard in the tavern, Zatoichi's tale!
Tane-san, is it you?
It's been a long time.
You are now with that Samurai on the second floor?
Yes. I've changed. I'm a very different woman now.
That's not true. In my mind, I see only a beautiful Tane.
I don't know which is better, to see or not to see.
You thought I was married to a carpenter, didn't you?
Yes, that's what I thought.
A lot has happened since then.
Being a woman is serious business.
Once you stop trusting men, you're like a kite with a broken thread,
blowing in the wind, from one man to another...
- This one is called Tanakura. - The strong Samurai.
He isn't liked by others. Maybe it's destiny between men and women.
We've both done some bad things to make a living.
Life's dirt sticks to everyone.
To me, you're the same old Tane.
- Ichi, you say such cruel things. - What?
I'm glad you lost your eye-sight. So you can't see what I've become.
I wish I hadn't seen you!
Hold me. Make love to me.
Good morning!
Let me guess what you're praying for.
Don't joke with me.
Your father was a good man.
Being a fugitive, I can't give you any support.
- But try to be a good successor. - Yes.
You are Ichi from Kasamon?
- Who is that? - It's me.
Kunisada's boss, it's been so long. I hear you're a busy person.
- There's a prize on my head too. - It's a different head to mine.
Neither of us shall live long, but let's live well while we're alive.
- See you. - I hope to see you again.
- Let's part here. - Take care.
Keep your chin up!
Will you tell your father, to forget the circumstances,
and stop the useless fighting.
It's no use. As long as you hold the territory, father won't listen.
This was the house I lived in. I'm sorry, you can't see it.
Nobody lives here now. Come, I'd like to go inside.
It's cool in here.
There was a time more than 30 people stayed here.
So, travellers from all over used to gather here?
Gossip travels fast.
They say that Shimazo wears the mask of an honest man now,
running an inn, but he is not the kind of man who will settle for that.
Nobu, can I help with something?
It has nothing to do with you.
Why are you laughing?
I once knew a woman like you.
What was she like?
Like a blooming white flower.
It's embarassing to say, but I was so drawn to her.
But I'm a Yakuza,
so she married a carpenter.
I hope she's happy now.
What are you doing here, listening? You coward!
- I wanted to hear this from you... - What?
- Do you love me or not? - So, will you come into my family?
- No you won't! - Nobu!
Sakichi-san, leave her alone. It's no use chasing her now.
A pond...
I used to play with boats by the pond as a child.
Sakichi, do you like fishing?
I was a weak child. Maki had trouble bringing me up,
and my father had trouble making me an heir.
Nothing can be done about being born weak.
In your type of business, a gambling banker is a good occupation.
There's nothing as easy. That is, if there wasn't the territory fight.
Sakichi, if you love Nobu, you must speak for her.
Whatever there is to say, there are people around us trying to disturb.
Yakuza honor or not, everybody is black hearted.
If you understand this, you are great.
Boss, you've come to visit. Thank you for your trouble.
Seiroku! Kikuzo!
Sakichi boss.
It's such a lonely evening.
- You shouldn't go there. - Why?
Never mind. Just stay near me.
I drank so much tonight, I feel good. Let's go here.
It smells like blood, doesn't it? Boss, where's Kanbun and his group?
They're no good. Probably dead by now.
- What...? - The rival is Yagiri Tokyuro.
- Yagiri? Lmpossible... - It's true.
I can't tell you the names of those plotting with Yagiri just now,
but whatever happens, don't pull out your dagger.
If you do, there'll be trouble.
Let's leave this for Yagiri and me.
Come on out, you rats!
Good! Attack him!
- Tanakura-san, help me! Sensei! - No!
- Don't be stupid! - I wounded him. We're even.
Stop joking!
One day I'll kill him.
One day!
Remember this, bastard!
- What?! Killed by Zatoichi?! - I'm ashamed.
- And Shimonida's Kanbun? - Him too. The coward is Sakichi.
If one's relatives are being killed, one doesn't stand by watching.
One takes out one's sword! Damn it, what a mess!
Zatoichi or not, we're being mocked by a blind man!
It's ruining the reputation of the whole Joushu Yakuza.
Sawagata, Tsumugi! We cannot keep silent!
I knew this would happen.
The blind man will not leave Shimonida's house alive!
- Good. - Wait!
What is it, Sawagata?
He should die, but we should give Sakichi the first chance, no?
Yes, that's true.
I aimed at Zatoichi, and gave a sudden blow.
I couldn't hold my grudge anymore.
I heard you didn't even draw your sword...
That's against morals.
Anyway, we shouldn't let the blind man get away next time.
It's as Okishi says, Sakichi, you said very clearly,
that the one to settle any incident on your ground is you.
But nothing's settled, and you're not fit to be Shimonida's banker.
You have till today, or we'll take your territory. Bear that in mind!
- Sakichi-san. - What are you going to do?
- Can you do him in? - I can and I need no help.
Really? We'll see. Don't make laughing stocks of us!
- Boss. - Maki, there you are.
Are you really going to do it? Remember, your rival is Zatoichi.
- Take him from the front. - Maki!
Yagiri is the one who's really aiming at me.
His real intention is to take over the territory.
He cornered me this way just for that.
But it's no use talking about it. I don't have a shred of evidence.
- What will you do? - Whatever I do, I must do myself.
The burden of Shimonida's house is on my shoulders.
A weakling has his territory taken away, that's the Yakuza law.
I must do whatever it takes.
- Ah, Maki. - Nobu-san, thank you.
I must talk to him in private.
I beg you, leave here quietly.
Are you saying I should run away?
Tonight. Right now.
I was sure you'd already guessed. That's why I came to ask you.
Wherever I go, I'm the god of calamity.
- Be the god of mercy, and leave. - It still won't end it.
If only you were gone, the trouble would not grow any bigger.
Your vigor is good. But even you can't end this.
What do you mean?
Sakichi-san, Shimazo san, Yagiri Tokyuro, and the Samurai,
I cannot bundle them all up together with a head band...
Fine. If you want to stay, stay. That is until you die.
Kisuke died by your hand, and Sakichi boss,
who's like a son to me is in big trouble because of you.
In this business, that's natural.
But, Ichi-san, I'm too old...
That's fine. I won't ask you again.
Do as you like.
But be careful.
Take care on the way home. It's dark.
- She didn't tell you? - What?
Tane-san, why she left so suddenly and that Samurai. Tell me.
It's best. No doubt it was Tane's doing that the Samurai left.
- I don't understand. - Leave it at that.
- What do you mean? - It's better you don't understand.
- Your heart is too clean. - I'm a grown-up, you know.
Alright, I mean standing by the one you love no matter what.
Yes, I'll do that.
Ichi-san, are you leaving?
- After my talk. - Your talk?
Zatoichi! You've caused all this trouble,
and now you think you can leave. But you're not going anywhere
until your argument with Sakichi is done.
- Don't be silly... - What?!
The seeing shouldn't be greedy.
- How dare you! - The world is endless.
You have a fine daughter, you live off such a great inn. It's paradise.
- You bastard! - Father...
You resent a blind man preaching to you. I can do that because I'm blind.
If you love your daughter, you must forget your old dream.
Is Zatoichi here? There's trouble!
Sakichi-san, what's wrong?
- You know a woman called Tane? - Tane? What happened to her?
She's been caught by Yagiri.
They're using her as decoy to lure the Samurai to their side.
Where is it?!
Nobu is gone!
So that's what it is...
The trap is for me.
Tane-san, are you with them too?
No, no! You, why Ichi-san?
Ichi, be happy, the price on your head is up to 300 ryo.
The one who offered the prize is Sakichi here.
Sakichi boss, I'm flattered that you put 300 on my head.
Give it a try then!
It bothers me that you're alive. Understand?
Be careful!
Nobu, don't come near.
You coward! He saved your life!
I wish I was dead. I shouldn't have been born a Yakuza heir!
Bastard! Let's see you go out there. Yagiri will kill you.
Idiots! Are you going to kill him, or shall I do it for you!
- Tanakura-san, don't interrupt. - You're the one interrupting.
I'm taking the 300!
You, stop, stop, please stop!
OK, do it if you can. I'll stand here and watch.
Tokyuro, wait, please. I'll give up the fight for territory.
Just give me back my daughter. I'll stop, I'll stop. Nobu, Nobu...
Shimazo, what are you saying? Are you out of your mind?
I don't need it, I don't need the territory anymore! Give her back!
Give my Nobu back, give her back, Nobu, Nobu, give her back!
- No, don't go there! - Let me go!
Is there anyone here who can handle a rifle?
I can. I was a hunter. I never missed a shot.
Don't come near!
Sakichi, tell us where Ichi is. If not, you lose your territory!
Fool! You still call yourself the heir to the Shimonida family.
- Ichi-san! - I'm fine. Come, come.
- I'll give you water. - Water...
It's no use. This well is dry.
Idiot, idiot, idiot!
Stop it, please stop.
Trapping a man like that.
No one can kill him but me. Understand?
It'll be you who dies.
You've fallen back in love with Ichi? That's fine with me.
No, no!
Look, see the blood that flows out of his neck after I cut it.
That neck is worth 300 ryo, and I'll get it, I'll get it!
Stop! For God's sake, please don't! I 'll never leave you,
that's why I don't want you to get killed. Please, please...
Dear Nobu, what happened?
What did you see? What?!
That woman. The Samurai killed her!
Tane-san... By that good for nothing bastard.
- At last it's just the two of us. - Why did you kill Tane-san?
She wanted to die by my hands.
She died with tears of joy in her eyes.
Poor thing. To be killed by someone like you...
Ichi! Come...
So, this is it...
Stand up!
Ichi, are you still here?
You don't know that woman.
You have a pretty dream of her,
but when she found out about the prize on your head,
she was the one to set the trap for you.
That's a lie!
You're just trying to kill my dream.
Does the truth scare you?
Women don't stay 17 years old forever.
Ichi, you deserved this.
Tane-san was a beautiful person.
Ichi-san, forgive me. I wasn't a man.
Ichi-san, what can we say?
It's already in the past.
Where are you going now?
A wanderer and a criminal should keep away from the law. Goodbye.
Maki, what are you doing? Stand up please.
Ichi-san, the money you said Kisuke sent me as pocket money
instead of a souvenir, that was your money, wasn't it?
- It was really from Kisuke. - It's OK. I know.
Ichi-san, when I look at you now, how I wish you were my son.
What are you saying? I'm nothing but a blind Yakuza criminal.
- Good luck, you two. - Thank you.
Well, farewell.