3 guys 1 game

Uploaded by MrThemoon147 on 12.01.2013

touer of power
hour of power
et et
we blow-up a lot of things like camare
space man talk
those creepers are so suasidle
thats gross i can see it
can some body get me wooden planks
not really have no idea how many of that
so we can last througth the night
we dont have room for a bed
gavin expand our house expand our house
i dont want to
and expand their yeah and go on top and make it taller
do you have any wood
dibs on top bunk
wat no
no top bunk
hay its safe from creepers
theirs no top bunk
stupid zombie tis suppose to be on fire HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o i see you
nothing more
loook its a friendly zombie
i asked you to help me but you ruioned my day
duded do you have any wood no
ok check youer invontery
you have 16
ok i have some wood
press y

thats my pizza
just give me the wood
i dont have wood camri has wood
no dont press x that was only one pice
that was one peace i need the other one
no thats 2 i need wood
yeah dude get youer own wood
want me to make the top bunk
go get youer own wood youer self dont you have a axe
no annoying noise
parkur parkur parkur aw lag spike
aw i made a pick axe
a pick axe here take the pick axe
hey guys get some wood WAT DO YOU THINK IM DOING
i got to pick axes now
there'll be extremely laod yelling
i need to chop wood
ok im going to go mine
spiders are not agrrisve in the day
we all know that
how do you get iron you find the ore
you can find it any were i thought there not aggrsive
you hit it
you hit it
i dont pounch it YEAH YOU DID the end or is it