Choose Passion Vine

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Now when we have those topical plants, sometimes we like to have vines in there too. And
this is kind of an unusual plant for a lot of people. This is actually
'Passion Flower'. It is that vine; you can see it is actually over this particular
that we are using sort of as shade for these other plants.
So it's "Passion Vine" you can see, a bee kind of came over and took a look at it. So
passion flowers,
you can see how
really beautiful and really very unique the
flower is.
Now I will tell you this is a perennial. It's a vine so it does need a structure. It
it is a perennial,
and it does do this one thing that you may or may not like. It does sucker up.
In other words you get little babies coming up here and there. So thats a good
thing or a good bad thing. Kind of dependent on how you wanna do it. If you want to stretch it
out over a long distance, you can find those suckers work out really well for
So passion flower, this is really
a very unique plant,
great plant for that tropical garden.