Dougie: Episode 4 of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

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Morning dear, I trust you slept well. I don't think I'm even, like, so much nervous about the rats.
It's just, like,
just doing it, like...
Yes, doing it.
Just concentrate. Don't think about it.
Just concentrate. Zero in on where are those stars.
I have been selected to do
the bush-tucker trial.
My first reaction was to
soil myself. Now the anticipation is absolutely killing me.
The worst person to be up against would probably be Fatima. No, don't make me do it! Yeah, she would destroy me. She would whup my ass.
You all right?
So you've been chosen to do the bush-tucker trial today, head-to-head
against a member of Crock Creek. Do you have any idea who you might be up against?
Oh, I'm just hoping it's not Fatima. Why?
She's a gladiator.
Do you want to find out who you're up against? Yes, please. I might have guessed! Oh, no!

Can I just interrupt there a second and just let you know that
you were the one person Dougie
didn't want to go up against. He was the one person I said I definitely probably will be up against. Oh, you're going to dominate me!
It's not that kind of trial!
It's not that kind of trial. The winner will
feed their camp tonight. The loser goes home with nothing.
Now, as this is a bush-tucker trial, the chances are you're probably not going to be
alone in the maze.
You don't have to do it, but the fate of
the camp rests on your shoulders.
Oh, mate, I'm petrified!
You still want to give it a go, the pair of you? Yes, yes. Ok then, let's get you in position.

I wish I was counting.
That's it, they've both got all the stars and now it's a race to the finish.
Oh, comiserations. It was close, though. It was very close. Come over here.
You were worried about taking Fatima on, weren't you?
But it was close. He ran you very close, didn't he?
You had a little bit of company there. We saw rats, lizards.
Yeah, a lizard. Huge thing. And comiserations, Dougie. Thanks man.
Another night on the rice and beans. Yeah.
Well done, have a great day.
I'm just feeling extremely bummed.
I think this could affect the mood in camp.
We've been on a high for a, for a couple of days, so. Ah, time to give them the bad news.
I did bad. No you didn't!
I did.
Guess who I was up against? Fatima?
Yeah. No!
I saw her walk in, I was like 'Oh!'
She seems really really sweet.
I can't wait to ask her questions about Simon Cowell.
Can you smell her?
It may look like a thong,
but it's not. It's actually a headband and my girlfriend
sprayed it with her perfume just before I left.
So I'm very very very very happy!
We've actually become like a really tight kinda
family unit.
Like, literally.
Dougie, well done yesterday.
Still exercising that finger, I see.
It's not you.