Ron Paul: CISPA is the New SOPA

Uploaded by RonPaul2008dotcom on 24.04.2012

Hello, this is Ron Paul with your weekly update for April 23rd. Earlier this year, strong
public opposition led by several prominent websites forced Congressional leaders to cancel
votes on two bills known in Washington as "SOPA" and "PIPA." Both of these bills threatened
search engines and websites with possible shutdowns if the Justice Department deemed
them insufficiently cooperative with our phony "war on terror," or if they were merely accused
of copyright infringement. Fortunately the American public flooded Capitol Hill with
phone calls and Congressional leaders dropped both bills. But we should never underestimate
the federal government's insatiable desire to control the internet. Statists of all parties,
persuasions, and nationalities hate the free, unbridled flow of information, ideas, and
goods via the internet. They resent the notion that ordinary people can communicate and trade
across the world without government filters or approvals. So they continually seek to
impose controls, always under the guise of fighting terrorism or protecting "intellectual
property" rights. The latest assault on internet freedom is called the "Cyber Intelligence
Sharing and Protection Act," or "CISPA," which may be considered by Congress this week. CISPA
is essentially an internet monitoring bill that permits both the federal government and
private companies to view your private online communications with no judicial oversight--provided,
of course, that they do so in the name of "cybersecurity." The bill is very broadly
written, and allows the Department of Homeland Security to obtain large swaths of personal
information contained in your emails or other online communication. It also allows emails
and private information found online to be used for purposes far beyond any reasonable
definition of fighting cyberterrorism. CISPA represents an alarming form of corporatism,
as it further intertwines government with companies like Google and Facebook. It permits
them to hand over your private communications to government officials without a warrant,
circumventing well-established federal laws like the Wiretap Act and the Electronic Communications
Privacy Act. It also grants them broad immunity from lawsuits for doing so, leaving you without
recourse for invasions of privacy. Simply put, CISPA encourages some of our most successful
internet companies to act as government spies, sowing distrust of social media and chilling
communication in one segment of the world economy where America still leads. Proponents
of CISPA may be well-intentioned, but they unquestionably are leading us toward a national
security state rather than a free constitutional republic. Imagine having government-approved
employees embedded at Facebook, complete with federal security clearances, serving as conduits
for secret information about their American customers. If you believe in privacy and free
markets, you should be deeply concerned about the proposed marriage of government intelligence
gathering with private, profit-seeking companies. CISPA is Big Brother writ large, putting the
resources of private industry to work for the nefarious purpose of spying on the American
people.We can only hope the public responds to CISPA as it did to SOPA back in January.
I urge you to learn more about the bill by reading a synopsis provided by the Electronic
Frontier Foundation on their website at I also urge you to call your federal Senators
and Representatives and urge them to oppose CISPA and similar bills that attack internet
freedom. Thanks for calling. A new update is placed on this number 888-322-1414 every
Monday morning. The written text can be found on my website under the
heading "Texas Straight Talk". Thanks for calling.