Kyani Product Testimonials 2012

Uploaded by MrKevinTir on 26.08.2012

before i was introduced to Kyani the health triangle pack
i suffered from fibromyalgia and sciatic nerve damage
and after diligently taking it for two months the pain in the sciatic nerve
is gone i no longer require
steroid injections and the pain and the uh...
lethargy that go along with fibromyalgia is gone ahead energy and the pain is no
longer there
i am veronica brooks about five years ago i was diagnosed
the heart condition kasich signs and job have cardiovascular disease and i have a
we'll on be home someone share with me this product
someone tell me how can we tell you what Kyani products that for me
and they were personal hand um...
and it helped them with them and they decide figure it had to help me but in
taking the time
i feel absolutely wonderful
i have a great nice arrest i don't have the chest pains anymore my blood
pressure has normalize and my positions uh... tickled pink
Kyani products have changed my life
seven days after taking them my quality of life has returned
i have been a diabetic for twenty-three years type two diabetes and through that
process i have to take medications in order to provide a diesel watch where he
medication and watching lee isn't always says
beneficial as you've wanted to be
i like to have a sugars go way high and then when they came down with lowered
i would have any real issues uh... nobody wanted to be around me
uh... when Kyani came along by took the product
found that i didn't have to take as much medication
thelma sugars lowered much lower
uh... i was bored even killed my family will be around me i looked to be around
and i made a significant difference for me
five democratic for about a year and a half
and acceptor with migraines program thirty years
at least twelve percent having them
had been on every type of medication that there is the information extends to
levy articles hypertensive medications to to try to control the migraines
uh... when i get them i get an aura price starts micah icy electric lights
go tight filling
and at that time i have to take medication right then to get rid of that
uh... sometimes the medications that works sometimes they went in
with being on the Kyani products now whenever that sex happen they take the
nitro effects or the night extreme drop it under my tunge
and wait a few minutes they did a couple three times within a short period of
and within that time
state fifteen minutes the headache is gone before is gone
and even pain where medications are taken in the past was supposed to help
with the pain to never would take up a wasted day on top of that and have to
take a pain medication if i could and darkness at
second i've got to get rid of the pain within sight i'd have to ended their
debilitating has ben places
to where i've had to have seen completely happened right me home
and u dot scary when you can be and spots where there's nobody around to
help you
and but there's something i don't miss work because of them
i came here fifteen minutes and out the door
amended the jews
deal with pain
campaign issues for
i'm nine years
very active person
my occupations and the parents
uh... was
their attacks in mumbai my wife uh... woods watchin is only to work
and my daughter near liberty because
are always it is
quest to run again
you know that this
just to be able to take a a step took me fifteen minutes
but to run again i saw myself to my prayers running lou thanks to Kyani
have competed at one look overnight use could move on
thanks to Kyani
high res
not only read
spill it
that they were forced to make sure
that i would be this too
ameritrade seller
and i guess they claim to fame is that i'm a six degree black belt and also
sixty six years old
and i'm a master instructor in olympic sport taekwondo and i've been twenty
time now u_s_ national gold medalist within the first week i use the products
on my knees that it hurt me for about ten years
i had migraine headaches that would make me non-functional
true or three days
two or three times a month
man when i started the Kyani products
i haven't had a migraine headache
the whole time i've been on the products i will literally feel twenty-five years
and i have more flexibility
i'd use to have to warm up at least thirty minutes because when you're my
uh... you tear things if you don't warm-up
so it's sixty six years old
and still dream
and Kyani has given me a body that can accomplish those trains so Kyani is
his life its new life to me