Deep Oceans: Frank Howarth's Introduction to the Exhibition

Uploaded by austmus on 25.06.2012

In Deep with the Director:
Frank Howarth: When somebody says to you Deep Oceans, do you think of Jules Verne 19th century
Or do you think of scary movies like the ‘Attack of the crab monsters’?
Frank Howarth: Or do you think of really big fish? Like this sunfish here.
Or perhaps you want to go on an adventure and take yourself to the bottom of the ocean.
Frank Howarth: In this exhibition we are going to tell you something about what we do know
about the deep oceans through research, all over the world and indeed here at the Australian
So come along to the deep oceans exhibition, it opens on June 16th 2012 at the Australian
Frank Howarth: Come and experience the deep oceans.