DarkBlood Online closed beta HD - Gameplay (BWG)

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Hey guys. Today we will see the closed beta of Dark Blood online
Dark Blood is a MMORPG free to play
There is 4 classes in the game. Warriors specialize in two handed weapons, whether it be an axes or broadsword
Warrior is divided in 2 subclasses: Breakers specialize in the axe; while always as power as the axes, the broadsword does allow the Berserker a longer reach.
Knight, having the strongest defense power among the classes, Knights typically use a one handed weapon and a shield of some sort.
Knight is divided in 2 subclasses: Paladin use a mace and shield. The mace allows them to pack more of a punch; Crusaders wield a one handed sword, which allows for more consecutive attacks.
Slightly sarcastic and somewhat arrogant, Hunters are typically on a mission of vengeance. Great as support attack in a party, the Hunter starts using either a longbow or shortbow
Hunter is divided in: Trickster, able to performance some melee attacks, the Trickster specialized in the shortbow, and Shooter who use the longbow to attack enemies from afar, thus close combat options are limited.
Mages are the most mysterious class among the Navriros Knights. Possessing both light and dark sides
Mage is divided in: Magician, uses curses and spells to make enemies lower their will to fight; Sorcerer, focusing on attacks that cause destructive power.
Ok now we can create a character. I will choose for example the knight; at the top we have to write in the character name. At the right top we can change the physical characteristics...
...like head, arms, chest, torso and legs. Lower you can choose the face and change the haircut. Here you could see the armor on your character
Let's look the gameplay. Dark Blood is not the greatest MMORPG online, but if you have some free time you could try it.
Here you can create your guild and if you want to buy armor or weapons you have to go here where you can repair your object
About skills, based on the class you have chosen you have to go on 1 of this people. If you want to buy some food you have to come here. This is the mailbox and if you have to store some items you will come here
At the beginning to move you have to use the arrows but you can change every controls. With the letter "i" you can oper your inventory where you will find the items collected.
With the letter "u" you can see the objects that your character are wearing and if if you want you can change it
Now I will show to you a dungeon done in two. We choose this for example
During the dungeon we will meet different kinds of monsters, Here is the first group
Ok now we can go ahead.
We finally reached the end of the dungeon
At the end you can check the score to which you have completed the mission and chosse the box if you want.