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On this episode of Comic Stack we talk about All New X-Men #5.
Now there's 2 Cyclopses which is like f*****, *** ****, if one wasn't enough, you know.
This is Comic Stack. A show where 3 guys sit in a garage and talk about comics.
Welcome to Comic Stack. My name's Uriel. I'm Matt.
I'm Darren. And today we'll be reviewing an All New X-Men
#5. Yeah! (Clapping)
Uriel, what was your reaction? I, I don't' know if I'll be continuing this
title.  Like, I wasn't too impressed with it, not too happy with it.
Yeah I gotta say it was a let down for me. Wow, really?
Yeah. Interesting.
Yeah. I like it.
Yeah? do you? Yep.
All right. So, you lose!
Yes. (Laughing) I'll leave now. More specifically, what didn't you like about
it? I had a lot of things going on with this issue.
First thing, right off the bat, I did not like what happened to Beast.  I felt like
Bendis kinda did his magic wand waving over Beast's dilemma, his death issue.  It's like,
he was dying, and then it's like, "Oh no, we just figured it out. He's going to be OK,
don't worry about it." And I was like, aaagh. Yeah.
I almost would have been happier with losing Beast.
Wow. Yeah, Really.
So, what did you like about it? You know, what I liked about the book is I
think the art is phenomenal.  Um, I like the dialogue, I like the story line that's
going on with it, uh, and of course I love all the characters. It's our old X-Men favorites
that we love, and some new faces that I can't wait to see.  It's going the direction that
I was hoping it would go where it's focusing a lot of attention on Jean Grey.  Because
I just think that's just an awesome character that I want to see redeveloped with all the
history there. To me one of the things I really liked as well is that they're staying.  They're
not just gonna jump right back to the past and have their minds wiped.  And I also liked
how she said, "Well, I could do it to," you know, cause her ex isn't gonna do it.
Yeah More than anything, absolutely, I'm really
like, all about Jean Grey right now. Yeah (Laughing)
The title itself, it's like, an All New X-Men, and I feel like it's not, it feels like more
of a old X-Men. It's like the same old X-Men versus an all new, um…
Not quite as catchy a title, the Same Old X-Men
Right? (Laughing) I, my take on that is that the All New X-Men
is playing on what's going with bad Scott, or evil Scott. Because he's building up a
little team of completely new mutants that they're coming across.  And in this one,
they actually spent a little bit more time and focus on one of the new mutants which
was the guy that was uh, they're not sure if he's a shapeshifter or not, but he can
basically clone somebody.  And uh, so they showed him, and they actually brought him
over to the Weapon X factory which we talked about last time which was kind of in shambles,
so I'd be interested to know what you guys didn't like about it.
The resolution with Beast felt like it was a false crisis to begin with.
Right, yeah! I'm not into it, um is the only way I can
really describe it. The characters, their interactions and all that stuff, I just really
don't..there's not a specific character that I'm concerned about in any way.  I will say
that past Hank, it looks like they're developing possibly a love interest between him and Jean
Grey.  When she got hurt, he, you know, past Hank was holding her and carrying her and
making sure she was OK, and was really…Maybe it's just a friendship thing.  I don't know,
that's the character I'm most interested in which is kind of strange I guess.
Young Beast. Yeah.
Fresh Beast. Yeah.
Fresh Beast (Chuckles) Yeah.
Cyclops I fucking hate, and I hate, I hate him! And I guess that's part of the problem
too is how much he is in this, now there's two Cyclopses, which is like fuckin G*d Damn,
as if one wasn't enough you know.  It's like two pricks in in…
(Laughing) You really hate Scott Summers, don't you?
You go to the one group of X-Men and you got fuckin' present day asshole Scott Summers,
and then you go to the past and you got you know, douchey Scott Summers. But uh, I wouldn't
mind watching him fall. Not the past Cyclops, and that's kind of the irony of this is I
feel like the past Cyclops has done nothing to deserve the hate.
(indeterminate agreement) Totally!
He hasn't committed the sins that she's mad about, and just by these events occurring,
he's a different person. Or, or is he?
Or is he? Yeah. Yeah, yeah! Cause this also is the whole thing
about like, nature vs. nurture. If you'll always be the same no matter who you are or
if something can change you and change who you are in the future.
Yeah, it seems to be a theme in a couple of the comics we're reading for sure.
Absolutely. There was one thing that had occurred to me
as far as them losing their powers. The mutant they recruited can heal people, and as far
as I could tell from the first issue's dialogue it was based on touch.  So I'm wondering
if he touched Magneto and Cyclops and perhaps healed them or at least partially healed them,
implying that the mutants powers are something that needs to be cured.
Right. Here's a scenario I could see playing out;
um, Jean Grey and her time bandit team from the past decide to just hijack all the new
mutants.  They decide that both sides have got it wrong and to go in a completely different
direction and form their own X-Men group. But this is what I like about it.  I think
there's so much going on and there's so many possibilities that there's a lot to talk about.
 There's a lot of things that you know, could happen that get your mind just reeling with
the possibilities. But that's the thing to me is we've seen the
cool panel where it's like, Oh, Cyclops and Cyclops are gonna face off.
Yeah! And then you're like, oh, OK, um.  So there's
been a couple times, and then the Beast thing, it was like, Oh, he's going into cardiac arrest!
Cardiac Arrest, Yep. Next issue: "I'm fine." So, I guess that's
what bothers me the most. It's more like, (deep voice) "I'm fine."
Exactly (Laughing) He's got a higher pitched voice even though
he's all big. That would be great. (Laughing)
(deep voice) Say hello to little beast. (high pitched voice) Hi guys!
(Laughing) It feels like it builds up to something that
doesn't happen.   Yep.
Like, it's like, aaaaaaaahhh…and then the music stops and it's kind of like oh, that
was anticlimactic. Yep. Yeah, climax. yeah.
Well cool, I mean I will still be picking it up. Uh…you can borrow my copy.
I will be, I'll be picking it up. Yeah. All right.
I want to read it, but it's just I am not happy with it.
Cool. You like it.
I love it. All right.
It's great. It's one of my favorites. Well, that's the end of this episode.  Tell
us what you think in the comments below. Have you read All new X-Men #5?
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