HOT TIP: Navigating the Grade

Uploaded by SmokeHowTos on 12.10.2012

Welcome to Hot Tips coming from the Smoke Learning Channel.
Today’s hot tip is how to navigate your grades in the sequence.
Colour grading or look development is one of those essentials to finishing a production.
So here is the set-up.
In my sequence, I have a few colour correction timeline FX applied to different segments scattered across time.
Please note that the focus point is on the same video track as my segments with the grades.
So let’s go into the first colour correction and tweak the grade.
That’s easy.
Now I would like to move to the next graded shot in my sequence.
It’s easy to think that you would exit the colour correction tools,
move to the next grade and then go back into the colour correction tools again.
But that is so slow!
So here’s your hot tip.
When you are in the colour correction editor…
And only in the colour correction editor,
there are some nifty shortcuts you can use to navigate just the graded segments.
Press COMMAND DOWN ARROW to move to the next graded shot or COMMAND UP ARROW to move to the previous graded shot.
This will allow you to move up and down all the graded shots on the currently focused video track.
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