How To Change Your Tumblr Theme (Updated)

Uploaded by Technologyguru77 on 15.11.2012

Hey guys welcome to another technologyguru video
today i have a quick tip for you and I am going to show you how to change your
tumblr theme or background
on your tumblr page there it's actually very easy the first thing that
you're going to want to do is log into your tumblr page there and go to your
dashboard which is where you add all of your stuff here
and once you're there you'll see a little cog or a gear right here in the
upper right hand corner click on that little gear icon their it'll take you to
your tumblr settings
once you are there you will have a few options over to your left the one that
you want to choose is the one that has your username or page name on it so
mine is technologyguru77 click on that
once you're there you are now presented with a few other options the one that
you want to select is the one right here under theme it says customize click on
the customize button which is right here click on that button once you've done
that you'll then be presented with these options here the one that you want to go
to is click on the themes button in the upper left-hand corner which is
right here just like that that will bring up all of the available themes to
you with in tumblr
you can click on the down arrow here and this will present to you all of the
different type of
themes presented to you by tumblr whether or not they're free or their
premium two or one column three column grid
high rez whatever you want you can choose those there but i'm going to
leave mine on all themes
once you have done that select a theme that you like so let's just say that i
like this theme right here I will click on that theme
just like that there
once that theme is you know i see that i like it i'll go up to the top of the
screen here where it says use I will click on that button there that
says use once I do that I will click on the green save button just like it'll
save that wait till it gets done saving hit the close button right up here
and you are now good to go now when you go to your tumblr page
it will now be in the new theme or background
of your choice
hopefully this video helps you out guys if he did help me out by hitting the like button
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i will see you guys next time