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The Other(s)
- Attention, please!
Those who sleep and those who run away. Those who talk and those who turn their head away.
Those who are powerless and those who are vicious. Those who are tame and those who are in rage. Listen!
Those who are cast out and those who are honoured. We are not here in order to entertain, but to recruit.
We'll not wave with numbers of mortality rate bringing tears into your eyes. Not any more: it's over.
When some people say: „enough“, we say: „more“! when they say: „it's almost nothing“, we say: „nothing it should be“.
Tell me: is there a greater lie than smiling, is there a greater hypocrisy than moaning?
The world has been established on what eyes see, but from now on, listen carefully, because when our Justice takes the word, many will become speechless.
The taught will be silenced by deeds, power before readiness, strength before sacrifice.
We'll not ask for mercy for the exploited, nor tortured, we'll rather enrage them.
We'll be worse toward the victims than toward the evil-doers.
When man in power takes the bread away, we will take the water as well.
Our storm will wake the soundest sleepers up and we'll make the water red so that even blind people see it.
Until the defeated resurrect and the lame stand up and start to fight for the better society.
The society that will cuddle and breastfeed everyone, never letting them down.
Are you the Other?
The Other?
Yes, the Other.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about other people who don't steal the parts.
Parts of what? It's difficult to deal with anything that's parted.
Machine parts made in a factory in which I work.
What are those parts for?
These are parts of washing machines. Our salaries are very low and that's why many people take the parts out and sell them on the black market, you know.
But how do they manage to do that?
Well, they hide them underneath the clothes, socks, pants, boots.
How much are those parts on the black market?
I don't know. Not much.
It doesn't matter. I'm just interested in the Others. Do you know where are they to be found?
h, the Others. Now I see. No, I'm not one of them. Tell me, how many machine parts is it possible to steal. What about the guards? Do they want some money?
I'll not talk about it. I'm just interested in the Others. Do you know where are they to be found?
Take it easy, mister. If you want me to do you a favour, then you must do something in return.
So, how many parts?
One or two if you do it by yourself. But if you make a deal with the guards, you can even steal a bagful of parts.
That's not much.
So, where are the Others?
Others... There are some people in the cellar. Maybe they are the Others. Take a look.
Yes, maybe. How could I know? I don't care.
But you told me that you knew. And I gave you the info about the smuggling in the factory becouse of that.
Socks and pants are of no importance to me. It's bullshit. You're not so gullible, are you?
Good day
Good day
Are you the Others?
You live here, aren't you? Are you the Others?
We are refugees, although some people call us „the others“ or „those people“.
Sorry. I didn't mean that.
Who are you? What do you want?
I work in a factory. I'm looking for some Other people. And what do you do?
We have no job. Who are the Others?
They are people who will resist the temptation to steal and will change everything.
To steal what and change what?
To steal nothing and change everything
Oh, now I understand. There are no such people here. We have no money, we can't afford to be the Others.
Do you know where can they be found?
Don't know. Go to some church or a bank, ask the people who work there.
They have the brains and money to be the Others. My advice is: don't go anywhere,
just keep what you already have and take some more while you can, and then the Others come they shall fix everything without your help
If only some of us were a factory worker, everything would have been easy. Soon all of us would get a job.
Some people are so ungrateful.
God bless you!
- Are you a clerk? - Yes, at your service.
I'm in search of the Others. Are you one of them?
we can be whatever you want. Our foundations can provide everything you need.
I don't understand. - Neither do I. But the most important thing is that you have the Faith.
That's right. It's vital that you believe, so we can make your dreams come true.
To believe in what? - In us, of course.
know what you want. You are looking for those who established the principles, those who die for the ideals, for Laws, for the abstractions.
Yes, for the abstractions. But they are very wrong. Think, which principle corresponds to the soul? Which principle stands for our blood, our instincts?
Can you find a human in Law? In the endless pieces of papers, numbers?
The laws are made by merciless creatures who care more for the purity of ideas than humanity and destiny.
They live in abstractions knot knowing little human misperfections and the sweetness of lust, the freedom to choose them.
Are they really such?
Yes, they're even worse. They are not humans, they're merely numbers.
They're like empty words without feelings, they can't see the tears or passion of the wrongdoers.
We'll never let those creatures rule our world.
Still, I would like to meet them in person.
You don't believe me? - No, I do believe; I'm just curious.
It's up to you. But remember – one who meet the Others can't be the part of our foundations and business.
Just one more question: are you the clerk in the bank or the clergyman?
What's the difference? We all work for somebody whom we'd never seen, but believe that he exists every day witnessing his deeds.
Turn around, man! Everything you see is His deed, call it a bank or church.
You know where are the Others. You've seen them?
God forbid!
Perhaps you know where shoud I search for – to the West or the East?
Mister, They don't care for you. For them you are merely a number in a coordinate system.
But we – we can give you everything, satisfy all your needs and desires. We udersteand you, your mind and body.
For us you are not just another number, you are living being, and we want to satisfy your personal desires.
And the rest? - Other people as well. Don't you see? People are struggling, trying to be the best.
Some are slow, some are fast; some are strong, the other weak, but they are all trying to win.
So meny great victorys so many smiles.
Yes, you'll say that there is only one winner, the others are losers, but you are wrong.
Because they all celebrate with the winner. All those glittering is calling them. They are singing and dancing with joy, aren't they happy?
- But their problems are not solved. - It doesn't mean they're not happy. Come on! Let's dance with them!
Feel the explosion of joy and happiness, smiles and togetherness. Why should we worry about the problems of those who aren't worrying themselves.
It's an illusion, nonsense. - No, this is real. Or it can not be more real.
Come on! Let's dance! Why shoud we worry and be desperate? Drink some wine, listen to the music, look at those hot women and their breasts.
People dance and drink, they win. Forget all the troubles. Hunger makes us light and we dance, it's so good to dance.
Let's drink and dance like children! Let's celebrate! Doesn't matter what. Just to be easy, happy and to sing and dance.
The truth is in wine, being naive is a bliss. The truth is in wine, being naive is a bliss.
People lost their consciousness, they're not aware of their strength.
They became a material for media who engulf them and make them into a featureless thing with false hopes that the elite is awaiting for them.
Look at all those sportsmen, artists and people from entertainment industry – they are begging something for their bodies full of vanity and narcissism.
They dance in sweat, they torture themselves, work hard in order to satisfy. They sing stupidly, intoxicated, believing they are important.
They are being clowns – do not look up to them. Throw away the elite and their small talks.
Don't lose your time and laugh at your poverty because it means that you accept it. Parody is a defeat, smiling is a betrayal.
The time of indifferent critics and pacifist revolutionaries is gone, our time's come!
the numbers are not important, just are we ready for something.
Doesn't matter that there are millions of lost people in front of us, because we have our vision and we see the right road to go.
Hello. - Good afternoon.
Excuse me, I'm looking for the Others. Do you know where to find them? - No.
Sorry then, goodbye. - Wait a little. Let's talk.
I would love to, but I must go, I'm busy.
No need to hurry. Great things never happen too early nor too late.
Ok. You think that it is hard to find them?
It depends. - On what?
On what you really find. - I don't understand.
Why are you searching the Others?
I want to join them, I can't live like this any more. I want to find my peace.
Can be something too hard for that goal?
You're right. Perhaps not.
I would like to tell you something. It'll not take too much time. Could you stand and listen?
Of course. I'm listening.
Well, once I was standing in a queue, trying to pay my electricity bill.
There was a crowd I wasn't feeling very well.
A young man who knew the clerk didn't wait, he just paid his bills in front of us
After him Another man did the same.
Then out of protest, one big man try the same, pushing the people and hitting them
He hit me and I fell on the ground. Later on he drove me to the hospital, so neither of us did the job.
I remember the situation. The young man who did it, it was me.
It's of no importance now.
It is important. I'm ashamed of who I was. I was blind, I didn't know what is proper then, now I've changed.
No need to apologise. I felt so good when I was driven to hospital.
How come? -Yes. I was so happy and satisfied because I managed to do the right thing.
I don't get it.
When this man drove me, he was crying, asking my forgiveness, which I did accept; but I felt so good because I realised what is proper.
I sacrifice myself for the Justice, and that is the greatest honour one can get.
We are trying to help the people we care for, but when we suffer for the sake of the Justice, only then we do help everyone.
Being free from any selfish motives.
Still, there is something selfish in it.
Yes, there is the greatest satisfaction. Virtue that justify past, impruve present and guide us through future.
But many people can't understand the sacrifice, and they will not look for the Justice.
You're right. You must sacrifice something more, not just your body, but your soul as well
How to do that?
Think a little. Body has got its limits. But, soul – what a satisfaction it would be to sacrifice your soul.
Something that brings pain without anything as a reward?
Punihsment. - So, I see. You are the Other?
No I can't be the Other. - Why?
I'm dead. I've sacrificed my body. - How can I find the Others?
You can't find them. The Others can't be found, you must become the Other, you must become the Other.
In this moment, when the body has no strength to produce the breath to voice the dissatisfaction and destroy the corpse of the political elite, we have to fulfill our will in different ways.
There are many too many frustrations, and we must cut and let the blood of life out, let it flow freely.
Don't listen to those who are indifferent and self-pitiless or those who drink and talk about some garbage of nostalgia.
One who is afraid of death already carries the whisper of it in his ear. Come and fight, that's your salvation.
Fight and win, that's your joy. Those who torture and exploits you, must be afraid when they see your flags, and hear your songs.
Life must be reborn out of death, death is a seed for the new life.
No reason for talk any more, tha hand that once brought milk, now carries the poison, words are not enough any more, heart with love now is announcing war
QUEST IV The Power is rolling through the streets
The Other
We have come to tell mankind's most exciting story: The Story of Jesus Christ.
We are not talking about that Jesus with jaundiced skin who was made the biggest whore ever by an insane human society that perversely drags his cadaver around on infamous crosses.
We are talking about that adventurer, the freest and most modern of all men, who preferred to be massacred than to rot alive with all the others.
I'm talking about a man who is just the way we all want to be. You and me.
Wanted - Jesus Christ
Charged... with seduction, anarchistic tendencies, conspiracy against the authority of the state.
Distinctive features: Scars on hands and feet.
Alleged profession - Worker.
Nationality - Dont have one.
Assumed names: Son of Man, Messenger of Peace, Light of the World, Saviour.
The wanted has no permanent home. He doesn't have any rich friends, and usually spends his time in poor neighbourhoods.
Surrounding him are the blasphemous, illegal emigrates, gypsies, homosexuals,
prostitutes, orphans, revolutionaries, terrorists, refuges, the unemployed, the homeless,
convicts, prisoners, the hunted, the abused, the enraged, the desperate,
screaming mothers in Bosnia, Lybia, Iraq
forigners, bums, junkies, outcasts
Possibly he is a parentless child.
Perhaps his mother is a whore. Perhaps his father is a convict, or illegal worker.
The wanted does not belong to any social group, or to a political party.
Nor to any church. At party conventions or at gatherings, you will never find him
He rejects slogans and manifestos.
He is neither Catholic, nor Ortodox, nor Muslim. Neither Negro, nor Jew, nor Chaines.
and he never wears a uniform.
The wanted spreads utopian ideas. He must be considered a dangerous instigator.
Relevant information leading to his arrest can be submitted to any police station.
I am wanted by the police.
I am wanted by the police, because I cry out to the world that the existing world order will perish.
An order... that allows priests handing out Holy Communion to soldiers who shoot down people in Bosnia, Lybia, Iraq
I am not the official Church Jesus . Jesus who is accepted by policemen,
bankers, judges, executioners, officers, church bosses, politicians tycoons and similar representatives of power
. I am not your Superstar who keeps playing his part for you on the cross, and whom you hit in the face when he steps out of his role
And who therefore cannot call out to you, "I am fed up with all your pomp and all your rituals!
Your incense is disgusting. It stinks of burnt human flesh. I can't bear your holy celebrations and holidays any longer.
ou can pray as much as you like, I'm not listening.
Keep all your idiotic honours and laudations. I won't have anything to do with them. I do not want them!
I am no pillar of peace and security.
Security... that you achieve with tear gas and with billy clubs.
I am no guarantee for obedience and order either.
Order and obedience at reform schools, prisons, penal institutions, insane asylums.
I am the disobedient one, the restless one who does not live in any house.
Nor am I a guarantee for success, savings accounts and possessions.
I am the homeless one without a permanent home who stirs up trouble wherever he goes.
I am the agitator, the invoker, I am the scream. I am the hippie, bum, terrorist, kibutz man.
I want to free the prisoners. I want to make the blind see. I want to redeem the tortured.
I want to cast love into your hearts, the love that reaches out beyond everything that exists.
I want to turn you into living human beings, immortals.
Many will hate you for my sake.
They will laugh at you and mock you and spit at you and beat you and persecute you and abuse you and imprison you and kill you.
Do not be afraid of those who kill the body. They cannot choke your burning hearts.
What you are told in the dark, speak out in the light
what is whispered to you, cry out from the rooftops
For nothing is hidden that will not be revealed. And nothing is secret that will not be known.
Go out among the people and say, "It is time."
Free the prisoners. Heal the sick. Redeem the tortured. Make the blind see.
Resurrect the dead amongst you. Drive delusion out of mankind.
Whoever spares his life will lose his life.
Whoever does not fear the truth I proclaim and acts accordingly can never die.
Even when he dies, he will live on. Love will give him eternal life.
Someone whispers in Jesus' ear: "Your mother and your brothers have come to speak to you. They want to see you, but they cannot get through the large crowd."
Who is my mother? And who are my brothers?
Look. My mother and my brothers.
Because only those who hear my words and understand them and live accordingly are my brothers and my sisters and my mother!
A priest approaches Jesus and invites him to his home for supper.
Jesus goes with him. And many members of his commune go along.
After entering the priest's house, Jesus sits right down at the table, and said to the hungry followers who have come along,
"Eat and drink what you are served."
The priest who invited him is outraged and asks Jesus:
Why did you begin to eat at once without praying beforehand? And why have you brought along your entire commune?
You are seen eating and drinking at every occasion. Why don't you ever fast?
You old pigs! Why are you breaking ower laws? Why aren't you ever seen praying?
Why did you invite me to supper if you don't want the others to eat and drink, too?
You priests quarrel over the best seats at mealtime. But when it comes to the poor who eat because they're hungry and thirsty, you get upset.
You call them gluttons and drunks as you call me a glutton and a drunk But you yourselves eat and drink without being hungry and thirsty!
Woe to you priests. You secure the best place in church, so everyone will see you.
You are not ashamed to have your hands kissed in public! And to let them call you "Holy Father."
Why should anyone kiss your hands? And why are you holy? And who are you father of?
Father of those who are shot by the very weapons you bless in my name?
Father of cripples? Father of screaming mothers in Bosnia, Lybia and Iraq?
Father of widows? Father of orphans?
You break the laws! God's laws! You poor lunatics!
You cross countries and oceans to convert one single fellow-believer! And when you have got him, you turn him into something worse than a whorehouse!
One lawmaker is outraged and jumps up: "You insult us with such impertinent words."
Woe to you politicians, too
You load men with unbearable burdens. But you don't touch those burdens with even a single finger.
Woe to you politicians! You murderers.
You build monuments for the martyrs, place them in the churches and have them canonized. But you yourselves have turned them into martyrs.
Woe to you politicians! You true criminals!
You have taken away every opportunity for men to recognize the truth. And those who cry out for truth you hit in the face!
Woe to you lawmakers! You priests! The slogans that you preach are nothing but human tricks.
One lawmaker is outraged and jumps up:
Who are you? Who instructed you to do this? Who gives you the right to say and to do all this? Give us a sign or miracle to show that you are the Saviour.
A mindless and evil race wants to have a signs or miracles. But no other sign will be given than the appeal I make to mankind."
Jesus enters the Holy City, and many of the people who hear that Jesus is coming run to greet him, picking flowers and scattering them on the road.
The priests and the lawmakers were beside themselves:
That saboteur has to be convicted as soon as possible, so that peace and order can be restored for the security and well being of our fellow citizens who have a right to see our laws enforced.
Members of his commune spoke to Jesus:
Lets leave this place. The people you speak to understand nothing. The priests and politicians hate you. They stir up the people against you.
They will never forgive you for telling the truth.
What can you do to stop them? They have the police and the military and tear gas and machine guns.
I cannot leave until the illiterates are able to listen and understand. I have a burning compassion for these people.
One of these days, they will understand my words and live accordingly.
Haven't I already told you, that he who is not a coward and lives accordingly to the truth that I proclaim
that even when he dies, he will... continue to live.
I was born into the world as light, so that everyone who listen my words must not remain in darkness.
I want to give you life. I didn't come to judge the evil. But he who does not hear my words will stand before his judge