Random Drifts - Parallels - ActII - Part I - Out Of This World - 3D

Uploaded by ConstantinGazer on 23.10.2012

It is written that they shalt be sent two by two.
Nephel : Arba.
Nephel : Avim.
The Mission Leader.
A third passenger is hidden.
A furry critter. A random drift. A close cousin to Procyons and Lemures.
It comes from Parallel 40, an earth so similar to ours. Only with one exception.
Man does not exist.
Homo sapiens are extinct.
The furry critter was found tortured by a giant ape...
... and rescued by Nephel : Avim.
Mission Leader: Thou shalt avoid any sighting.
Thou shalt keep away from the eyes of man.
Man hasth become a treat to all of us. During the last 100 years of his Gregorian calendar...
... he was tempted to explore the cosmos.
His space probes are now all over the galaxy.
Those probes wilt record thy glorious presence in space.
Men hasth open their eyes. They are now aware that they are not alone in the universe.
Thy cosmic journey wilt cause a big explosion. Our plan hasth changed to avoid the lust of man.
So, thou shalt travel to the end of the constellation of Orion to stay away from the eyes of man.
As a result, thy journey wilt take longer.
Lets our cannon shine in its entire splendor.
The furry critter wakes up upon hearing the departing leader.
It walks across the corridor looking for attention.
Unable to understand its behavior, Nephel: Arba commands to leave the room.
It feels hurt by the rudeness of the tone. It walks across the engines just to be absorbed.
06:32 AM. Central Standard Time. June 12, 2032 in the Gregorian Calendar.
An unusual sighting was photographed by a space telescope owned by G.A.E.T.S.A.
G.A.E.T.S.A. stands for Global Agency of Extraterrestrial Studies and Activities.
It was born from a defunct project called ZETI aimed to find extraterrestrial life.
Possessing the most state of art equipments,
G.A.E.T.S.A. has the means to detect, analyze
and study any activity out of the ordinary.
If something happens in space.
It will be recorded.
An explosion just blew out my registry. It lasted less than one second.
The levels of gamma radiation was so high that it almost jump from the screen.
I also saw something moving in a controlled manner. It made a spine and disappeared.
That something could be a lense flare. Or some lighting effect over the camera.
It generated abnormal levels of gamma radiation.
I would ignore it. We get flares and sun distortions always.