Radiesse vs Juvederm Wrinkle Fillers David Reath Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

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Hi. I'm Dr. David Reath. And I'm here with my nurse, Jill Maze.
And we're talking about this week's Truth-o-meter Tuesday question.
This week we talk about injectible fillers-substances we inject into the face to fill in lines,
deeper folds, and things of this nature. It's very, very popular. But they're not all
the same. And so our question was, Radiesse, which is
a filler, lasts longer than Juvederm, but it cannot be used in all the areas that Juvederm
can be used." And the answer to that question is yes.
The two are very different substances. Radiesse--Jill has a syringe of that here--as
you can see it's white. It has the consistency of toothpaste, and
it's made of microspheres of hydroxyapatite, which need to be injected either deeper or
in thicker tissues. So Jill, what are some of the areas that you
would use Radiesse? Radiesse works great for those who have deeper
smile lines between your nose and your mouth. We also use it on marionette lines which are
the lines that go from the corners of your mouth.
It also works great to puff up the cheeks, and the cheeks do need a thicker product,
something that's going to give more volume, and Radiesse works great for that area.
And the Radiesse will last usually greater than a year, sometimes as long as 18 months.
Juvederm on the other hand, is clear. It's thinner. It has the consistency of, let's
say, a very thick dishwashing soap. It's made of hylonic acid, which is a naturally-occuring
substance in our face. And because it is not as thick, it is adaptable
to a lot of other areas. What are your favorite areas for Juvederm?
Well, Juvederm... the most popular place we use it is the lips. It's a very soft product,
it makes for a really nice lip. We can use it in finer lines and wrinkles.
We often take the Radiesse, put it on a lower level--like on the cheeks--and then follow
on top with the Juvederm for the finer lines that are on top.
Now I think that what you're hearing is that there's a certain amount of expertise that
is needed to use these products in conjunction with one another and to use them satisfactorily.
There are a number of people that do that. But my advice to anybody that's looking for
fillers is to establish a relationship with somebody that's got a lot of experience with
them. That's when you're going to get your best
results. But enough of this. Let's find out who won
this week. Angela Goins, you are this week's winner.
Angela, you get a $100 gift card. Come on inot the office. Pick that up.
You can use it for whatever skin care products or procedures that Heather may be doing.
And for everybody else out there, thanks for watching us.