How to turn a bowl on a Shopsmith Mark 7 - Part 2 - Roughing the wood on a Shopsmith bandsaw

Uploaded by shopsmithdoug1 on 18.07.2012

hi folks this is Doug Reid this is going to be a quick video on roughing a bowl with a
band saw and this is to help you prepare bowl for turning
please remember be safe
the first thing to do is just a bowl blank which is the piece of wood has
been prepared by someone else or you could do this yourself
it’s usually a piece of hardwood with a nice grain to it and i
generally it’s waxed on the ends to keep it from uh... drying too quickly I scribe a
circle on the bowl blank
as large if i can fit into the blank and then i take my band saw
and just cut to the line
and it’s always good to remember that band saws um... cut more quickly than a table saw
without cutting your fingers
now what i have them
blank around the down it doesn't have to be perfect just has to be close
i'm gonna take a magic marker inscribed relying on the side of that bowl blank
all approximately an inch down it doesn't have to be exact and this will
be determined somewhat by uh... the shape of the bowl you're making
but i'd take
my bowl blank
and my magic markers cried the line and you know what i'm talking a table this
is approximately forty five degree angle doesn't have to be perfect again you
could've adjust depending upon the size and shape of your bowl all you could
just freehand is line that's what i'm doing here you could use a block of wood
is that as a guide here to work to help you with this what you've
done this word is going to cut to the line and that's going to help reduce the
mass it'll make turning easier here they'll be less clean up and less mess if it's a
great way to get started
this is a piece of hard dense wood and I’m going go through it fairly slowly
so take your time with it
at work right Notice that I’m wearing hearing protection and safety
glasses are a good idea when you're working with these tools
almost there
and folks once we have that cut out that we have a nice bowl shape started
and that's really all there is to it
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there, folks remember this is part two of a six-part series
thank you so much for watching see you next time