Something Happened in Bali korean drama Episode 6 발리에서 생긴 일

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Aren't you hungry?
Fried rice? Spaghetti?
Who could that be?
Who is it?
Oh, my...
Episode 6
So you two live together?
I live right next door This is In-Wook's place
So... you two knew each other from before?
No, it's not that
We happened to... by coincidence
What are you doing here, sir?
I... needed to see her
Long time no see!
Huh? Yes. Hi
If you got the money, shouldn't you at least call?
You came begging for it at midnight
You sure know how to thank me
I've been meaning to call you...
but I was a bit busy
Oh... so you were busy?
You got yourself a job or something?
So you didn't
I'm not even going to get my money back, am I?!
That's not true!
I hate people who burn others when it comes to money
Would you like to come in?
I don't want to interrupt your party
Come and start working tomorrow
Give me interest at least
Well, enjoy the rest of your party
Quite a view up here!
I didn't know Seoul had a place like this!
It's late. Let's drink next time
Now you're being yourself
Going and coming as I say You were always like that
Why have you been rebelling these days?
Do you want to marry me?
But you know it's out of the question, right?
Want to quit your job and start a business?
I'm not kidding
I can't stand you fawning upon that jerk anymore
Wait. How did he know where I live?
Why did I do that?
I'm out of my mind
Good morning
You woke up early today
You start working today?
Huh? No
Why don't you? He's giving you a job
It's not what you think, him and me...
I don't want to impose on him too much
But he's being really nice to you Shouldn't you accept his offer?
I thought I should come as you said...
So... here I am
Sorry about that Were you waiting long?
No, not really
Have your resume?
Let's see
By the way...
am I hired?
Which department?
Administrative dept., probably
Administrative dept.?
What kind of work will I do?
This is just a temporary position, not a permanent one
I see
That's how people usually start
Follow me
Huh? OK
Ms. Lee Soo-Jung here has experience working abroad
Not only does she speak foreign languages,
she's also very sociable, perfect for our front desk
We recruited her to utilize her skills in our company
I want you to help her become the face of our company...
by guiding her in the right direction
Introduce yourself
Hello. My name is Lee Soo-Jung
Glad to meet you
Here are 50 codes of conduct you have to abide by,
photos of the employees along with names and bios,
and a directory of extension numbers
Memorize them before you go home today
Do I really have to memorize extension numbers, too?
Couldn't I just refer to the directory as the need arises?
Just do as you're told
How the heck will I memorize all this today?
Jung Jae-Min...
Anyway... thanks, dude
He was always like that Nothing to worry about, sir
No. It's different this time
He lent her money and gave her a job...
which means he wants to keep her by his side...
One thing sure is different this time She's way beneath him, sir
Personally, I think he pities her
You know how compassionate he can be
Well, how long do you think it'll last?
His relationships have never lasted over 3 months
Looking at the girl, I'm sure it'll be over soon
So which dept. did you put her in?
Well, since there was a vacancy at the front desk,
I put her in the administrative dept., sir
Put her at the main front desk in the lobby
I want everyone to see her
By the way, how does she know In-Wook?
I'll find out, sir
What? What's wrong?
What are you doing here?
I had to drop off something
Good work. You can go now
Something bothering you?
Why? What's wrong?
Can you... do me a favor?
Young-Joo and I decided not to get married
Can you talk to Father for me?
About what?
Come on. You can talk to Father
Every time I open my mouth, he throws things at me
What's the reason anyway?
I told you
That you two are still young and stuff?
Is that all?
That's all. Really
Well, your reason is a bit weak for persuasion
But OK. I'll see what I can do
Bro, thank you! Thank you!
I promise I'll introduce you to a lot of pretty girls later
All right. All right
Go on out
Thanks. Really!
All right. Pretty girls. OK
Yeah. Don't mention it
It's totally over now
The old man?
That old man will listen to my brother
The natural beauty? Who's that?
Oh, her!
Think I'm crazy? No way!
She and I aren't like that, dude
Anyway, got any nice girls for my brother?
The actress from where?
Oh, you mean Han Joo-Hee!
Isn't she too skinny? My brother likes girls who...
What's wrong...?
Please calm down, sir
Get up. Now!
What the heck do you think you're doing?
You're to move back in until you get married!
I'm not getting married!
I've tried. But I just can't do it!
Now you're blaming the girl?!
Father, I'm sorry... but you can't force me this time
I'll find a nicer girl
I'm sorry
- Why, that...! - Father...
Why, that...!
Jang-Soo! It's for you!
You're the one who called?
So what I'm saying is, $ 10,000 becomes a million bucks!
Do you know how much that is? That's over a billion won!
- A billion won? - Yeah!
In that country, you can find diamonds everywhere
They're just like rocks to them
They're happy if someone's willing to pay for it!
It's cheap, too!
The problem, though is it'll get stuck in customs
- What the... - However... however...
There is a way
The locals are allowed to send them to a third country
So there was a way!
So you're saying, the issue is whether you can secure a trading route
That's right!
Wow, now he's talking business!
But why isn't everyone else looking into such a golden opportunity?
Come on. Think about it!
You have to go to that country in Africa, negotiate with the locals,
keep your fingers crossed at customs
It's not a piece of cake!
However, you can make back 100 times what you invest!
Who would negotiate with the locals?
I'm pretty good with their language
Is that how Africans speak?
So in Africa, you'll find blue diamonds, white diamonds...
What time is it?
It's past the closing hour
Who are you?
I'm new here, sir
Why are you here?
Well, I was in training, but I fell asleep...
You fell asleep at work on your first day?
I'm sorry, sir
You're hopeless, aren't you?!
Do you like your work?
Huh? Yes
Um, I want to thank you for the money,
and for giving me a job
If you let me, I'll buy you dinner one day
Or I can buy you two dinners if you want...
Let's go
can we have dinner next time?
Why? You're meeting someone?
It's not that...
Oh, so you didn't mean it
I did!
Let's go then
Oyster gratin with red bell peppers
Blue cheese tomatoes... Mozzarella cheese salad
Sea bream and scallop Fried bean curd saute
And champagne?
Veuve Cliquot
What do you like?
What do you want to eat?
I'll have...
clam chowder
But that's soup
I know that
I'll have this. Clam chowder...
You should order more Will that be enough for you?
I don't eat that much, you know
Huh? OK then
Clam chowder
I was going to treat you as today's your first day
Wait! Can I see that menu again?
That guy you told me about... The one who took your money
You mean Cho Sang-Bae?
Did you catch him?
I told someone to catch him
But I doubt he'll catch him
When I'm settled into this new job,
I'll start looking myself
Want me to find him?
Oh, info flows and no one can stop it
The flow of info is vital to our business
You don't believe me
What if I do find him?
I'd be really grateful
How did you end up living next to Kang In-Wook?
You know, it's really funny
Even in Bali, he was staying right next to my place
And my place is pretty hard to find, too
And we were on the same flight coming back
And he was sitting right next to me
And you two live right next door now
Yes! And it's not even my place It's my friend's house
What a coincidence
I know
Strange, huh?
I sense some kind of destiny
I'm stuffed. Shall we?
Mr. Kang In-Wook?
This way, sir
Come on in
Drink up
So you're back at the main office
Work treating you well?
Yes, sir
You know...
you can always find incompetent bosses making things hard for their employees
But do you think they were always incompetent?
No. Or they wouldn't have gotten that far up
It was being responsible far more than their capability
The stress from work changes them
So for that... I blame the company's management
Don't you agree?
I do, sir
That's the first reason I had you transferred here
Come on. Cheers
Do you like comics?
Yes, sir
Did you read the one entitled " Hypocrite"?
Yes, sir
The main guy in that comic series is quite a cool character, huh?
He flatly says no to his boss' request for his own good
" Sharing"... Such a nice word
But... do you suppose that word fits in our competitive reality?
The main guy in that comic book is pretty much a hypocrite
Don't you think?
He seems to be a nice guy on the outside,
when in fact he'll destroy anyone who stands in his way
The way I see it...
that's exactly what makes him a hero
Because people only cheer for the winner
Don't you agree?
Jae-Min's a bit immature, isn't he?
Give him a break His days as a child are numbered
You went to college with Young-Joo, huh?
Yes, sir
I don't mean to make you uncomfortable
I'm against their marriage, too
I personally think Young-Joo's too good for Jae-Min
I hear many people's goal is to work till they retire
Is that true for you, too?
I'm sure you aren't one of them
A normal guy would be too scared to be in your position
What do you want from me?
I'm as ambitious as you are
Sharing and losing don't suit me so well
Even if it's with my own brother
Life is a gamble
Who you bet on can change your life
My ambition exceeds my talents
Would that still work for you?
We're going all the way tonight
Bring in the girls
OK. To our future! Cheers
Come on in
You don't remember me, do you?
We met in Bali...
Are you here to see Mr. Kang In-Wook?
But what brings you here?
I live right next to him
Right next to him?
Would you...
like some tea while you wait?
Come on in
Thank you
Please sit here
I'll take that
What would you like? Coffee or green tea?
Either is fine
Please make yourself at home
This is fine
So are you friends with Mr. Kang In-Wook?
Cream and sugar in your coffee?
I'll make it sweet
Are you two friends?
Or lovers?
He's really late
Why don't you give him a call?
Are you here for good?
You didn't call him before you came?
How long have you known In-Wook?
It's not what you think
An unlikely coincidence
So what do you do now?
She's got a job... at the Pax Group Corporation
I'm sure you've heard of that company
My friend here is very close with Pax's chairman's second son
I talked to him on the phone and even met him
She's very close to him They visit each other often
He came yesterday, too, huh?
Um... It's not what you think...
Miss Lee Soo-Jung
You do have some talents
You look so good in it!
You like it?
Happy birthday!
Where the heck are you?!
Answer the phone! Please!
Sleep well?
Yes, sir
Shall we?
To the department store
Yes, sir
Not everyone can make it to the top
First, you must get rid of arrogance
Confidence is a must, but arrogance is unnecessary
It only creates enemies
If you need clothes, help yourself
I'll let the manager know
Here. Go get changed
Hey... Soo-Jung... Don't you have to go to work?
Did you get fired already?
What time is it?
9:00? Oh, no!
You're still used to your other work schedule
Good morning
Miss Lee Soo-Jung Are you out of your mind?
What time is it now?
I'm sorry
You slept during the training, too
Just who do you think you are?
I'm sorry
Good morning!
What are you waiting for?! Go to the education room now!
Thank you
You just got here?
How come?
I overslept...
Didn't you sleep enough at work yesterday?
You sleep so much that I'm worried about your work
What about you, jerk?
What do you think you're doing?!
I'm sorry, sir
Why the heck did you place her in the main lobby?!
She has tour guide experience and speaks foreign languages,
and she's also quite pretty, so after a lot of thought...
But if you don't like it, I'll put her in the back lobby
Is this a joke?
I'm sorry
What about In-Wook?
I'm sorry I'm late
You can be late to work sometimes, too, huh?
What are we waiting for? Let's start
I'm a reasonable person
I don't want to dwell on the past
I thought you were against the marriage because ofJae-Min
As you know, our society is more tolerant toward men
Jae-Min's already been exposed quite a few times in the media,
so this won't really affect him much
you're different
If people find out the marriage is off because of this,
you and your parents...
could face humiliation beyond measure
You went to Indonesia because of this bum?
Plus I understand he works under Jae-Min
Does my Jae-Min know about this?
He does!
That's exactly why he's calling it off, blaming it all on himself
My baby is an angel
Have you seen anyone more understanding than my baby?
I won't just sit by and watch since I know about this
What do you mean?
I have to hold him responsible for breaking up this marriage!
We're not family yet
Please don't get him involved in this
You don't have a say in this!
My Jae-Min is hurt
You think I'll just sit by and watch?
I'll do whatever's necessary to bury him alive
That's that
Welcome! How can I help you?
Hello. Welcome...
Are you all right?
Thank you
How's work? Good?
We work in the same building But I hardly see you
Oh, that lady came and waited for you last night
Did you see her?
The one who went to Bali with you
Shall I carry it?
It's OK...
Working late today?
I'm done with the training today
I just have to put this on the info desk
Then let's go home together
Huh? OK
I'll see you in the lobby
Chairman Jung wants to see you, sir
What now?
Your mother's here, sir
Come on in
What brings you here?
Sit down!
Honey, please don't yell You're making our baby nervous
- Sit down - OK
Young-Joo will forget the past
So be careful with what you do
Young-Joo, apologize to Chairman Jung, too
I'm sorry for disappointing you
You shouldn't do that again even if you're angry
All right?
Yes, Mother
Why don't we let him go home early today?
Let him take Young-Joo out for a date
Let's have dinner at home next time You two, enjoy your date today
Talk things over, you two...
and clear up misunderstandings
You have to make her feel better Buy her a nice dinner
Go on
I'll be going then
What are you waiting for? Young-Joo's waiting
What happened?
You don't have to worry now
What happened?
Let's talk outside
I'm busy. Tell me now
I changed my mind
Changed your mind?
What you suggested last time doesn't sound that bad
You do whatever you want
And I'll do whatever I want
Oh, darn it!
It sounds logical and practical to me
Are you playing a game?
You're the one who wanted to marry me
I'm doing you a favor. What's wrong?
Did Kang In-Wook say he'd remain your lover?
Did he?!
That's none of your business
I'm sorry...
but I'm not interested in you
In fact, I'm sick of you!