(English subtitled) A New Year's greeting from Smileage 2013

Uploaded by Evisudai on 16.01.2013

Happy New Year!
We are Smileage!
Now, do you have a goal of 2013?
It doesn't matter which, one for Smileage itself, or....
Ok, let's talk about Smileage's goal first.
Right. We hold the Autumn tour last year and we have learned many things from it,
so I think we have to keep it up in order to have a tour again, at any other seasons besides Autumn.
At that time, I hope we'll be able to perform at bigger stages, even a little bigger one.
And...Also, we were reorganized with these six members since last year and we've experienced the joint live with other pop idols many times,
haven't we?
this year as well,,,you know, 2012 was the very first year for us to experience such an joint live after this six members' Smileage began,
and we couldn't help being nervous.
That's why this year , I hope we won't be nervous any longer,
indeed, we'll manage to perform better on the stage so that we can bring over the fans of other groups to our side.
In order to realize it, we'll do our best to be invited often to such an event this year.
Plus, we also have a kind of joint concert "by Hello! Project" , so we'll give it our best shot, right?
Anything else?
Let me see....
How about you, Kananan?
Yes, well, I think we all have our own personalities and, you know, virtues at least one, well,,,or more for each member,
Is it true?!
Such as, yours?
Don't hide!
I believe we have!
Such as, about youself?
Don't mind me,please?
No! It's ok, just one point.
Oh, I see. Your virtue naturally comes out, right?
So does mine!
So do ours!
Listen! I have!
For example, I look like a gorilla and...Yeah, that is my virtue, I think...
Are you joking?
Don't be shy like that, then.
Anyway, I hope each one will show you such a character more and more.
Alright. Anything else, Meimei?
Me, Meimei?
Yeah, you Meimei!
Well..This year, many...uh....What?!
I want to be able to pronounce many clearly!
"Many" clearly?! ( "More" clearly, right?)
You're already good at it!
One more..Well, I'd like to be good at,uh..uh...talking!
And then, I hope to play with this shy girl, Kananan!
Ok, then, Is there anything personal,like a personal goal of 2013?
a personal goal?
How about you, Take-chan?
You wanna be good at playing baseball, right?
No, I'm not gonna be a baseball player!
What if you aim to be?
You say what!?
Possibly you can!
Possibly, you can become a pro baseball player.
If so, goodbye to Smileage??
You can do both!
Too hard!!!
You could say like this,
" I can't go to the studio today, because I'm going to the stadium."
I must be scolded!
Or you may also say,
" I won't go to the studio, since I lost the game yesterday."
I'd like to join the first-pitch ceremony, though.
Hope we'll do that!
I hope we'll all toss the ball,
each member being allocated somewhere.
Such as..at the park in your hometown.
You'll be the best pitcher, right?
Anyway, we have to do our best to realize it.
What's your opinion, Kananan?
I already said, don't I?
Did you?
Well, my personal goal is...I can't help referring to Smileage after all.
As you can see, we get along very well with each other.
So I hope we can show you this atmosphere at various places.
Our team work!
Especially on the stages, we'll do our best to show that character,
so we're looking forward to seeing you!
This has been the greeting from Smileage!
We're hoping you will give us your kindness and continued support as ever!