Fred Jones Family Foundation donation ceremony

Uploaded by OCCCedu on 24.09.2010

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>>Well our reason for being here is that Oklahoma City Community College is honored,
and honored is very much an often overused word but not in this instance,
we are honored to be the first recipient to the Mary Eddy Jones Signature Gift,
$50,000 to Oklahoma City Community Colleges Foundation for the Performing Arts Theatre.
>>Since its inception in 2001, the foundation has donated more than $3 million dollars
to 100 nonprofit organizations throughout Oklahoma.
Last year we announced the signature gift as a way to recognize the organization
who truly exemplifies the spirit of Mary Eddy Jones, the wife of Fred Jones.
I am honored to be here today to recognize OCCC's performing arts theatre
as the first recipient of the Mary Eddy Jones signature gift.
>>I am so excited to be here, I can barely stand it.
We are all here in this room today to thank the Fred Jones Family Foundation for being selfless
and really believing in the students here at OCCC that we could actually,
not only use the facility that we're gonna build but use it for the community and like the,
I believe you said, to make OCCC more beautiful.
We're so proud and honored and grateful for this building.
And I can speak on behalf of the students that it motivates us and it shows us
that there are people behind us in full support and believing in us.
So I thank you so much.
All of you, the Fred Jones Family Foundation and all the donors in this awesome, awesome program.
Thank you.