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So, can you tell us your name?
My name is Luciano Calafat.
And a little about yourself and what you do?
I am an old engineer in pension, electrical engineer.
And I live in Verona. I was born in Verona.
And I live in quartiere trento place.
And I am married. I have a lot of friends and I enjoy life.
I like to travel. I have one son, that lives in Perugia.
And this Thursday will come to visit us. So we will go to Arena to hear "Tosca".
After I studied here in Lycée, I went to Mailand to study at "Polytechnical Mailand" in engineering.
Has been the most important period for learning and entering life.
And a after I went to make the soldier, I began to work here.
An important issue has been when we had a new mayor of the city.
The city became more sure and more beautiful.
The houses, the big houses or the important monuments were renewed and opened to tourism.
I think this and also the sure of the life.
Because we have a lot of migration here. And many times, those people are not controlled.
And they are sort of something not sure.
So this is becoming an important problem. And it is enough on the shoulder with this mayor.
I am preoccupied for the financial situation of Italy.
This is important. The spread is growing.
The political situation is not free.
The new government is good - Monti is good.
Is quite technical and very persuasive.
But the political fights -- the political parties, they don't think to the richness of the nation.
They think by themselves. I think this is the problem.
Sometimes, I make some voluntary works.
I went last year in Kenya with some religious person.
Here in Verona, there's an important religious organisation, that all over the world has some church missions.
And they make the catholical church grow.
And I went there for 15 days to help them. And this is I think as impact.