Madonna Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance 2012 - Set List and Choreography

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Hi, everyone I'm Laruen Gottlieb.
I talked about it all of January.
Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show, it
came, and it was epic.
Her 13 minute set was directed by the brilliant Jamie King,
and it had choreography from Rich and Tone, Stephanie Roos,
Tabitha D'umo, and Alison Faulk.
She started off as an Egyptian goddess to Vogue.
Now, this is probably some of the best choreography I've
seen in a long time.
It was super precise, and it showed that
less really is more.
Next she went into her hit song, Music, where she had B
boys dancing down bleachers.
Which I don't think you should try at home.
Plus, there was a super special cameo from LMFAO,
where we saw Madonna shuffle it out.
After that, she went into her new song, Give Me All Ur
Luvin, where she had a group of dancers dress as
cheerleaders, and was joined by Nicki Minaj and MIA.
I don't really think MIA needed to flip the bird, but
it happened.
And last but not least, she performed my all-time favorite
Madonna song, Like A Prayer.
She was joined by a full gospel choir and Cee-Lo Green.
What more can you ask for to end one of my all-time
favorite Super Bowl half time shows?