Bride and groom share their experience with wedding videographer in New Jersey

Uploaded by GoMultivision on 20.08.2010

Hey guys, I just want to take a moment to thank Multivision. Susan especially... Greg,
Rob and everybody else that does such a great job here. We just got married on July 9th.
We had the pleasure of using Greg as our videographer. He did a phenomenal job. Long story short,
in the beginning we weren't really sure if we wanted to do a video. Then we realized,
what is a wedding withough being able to watch all of the steps that you take, all of the
aggrevation, and laughs, and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding. When
would you say we meet Susan? About a year ago. Yeah, we met Susan about a year ago.
For all of you that don't know Susan. She is a phenomenal person. Very outgoing and
easy to talk too. The process was really easy. We heard about Multivision through a couple
of friends that we know, that heard about them through other people. Word of mouth is
always a good thing. As the phone is ringing. See, I knew they were popular. Seriously,
we heard about Multivision, we came in, spoke to Susan. It honestly took about 15 minutes
talking to Susan, looking at video to realized that this is the right choice - to use Multivision.
I know we are doing a video for them, but we really were pleased. They did a phenomenal
job. Megan kept in touch with Multivision throughout the year. Just to plan stuff, and
make sure that everything was set. Multivision really took over everything else. They made
it real easy. We had our wedding July 9th. It was a phenomenal experience.
Greg came to my house and took some great video, and then went to Megan's house and
took some great video. At the wedding, you really couldn't even tell
that he was there. He wasn't overbearing. He wasn't right on top of you. The camera
wasn't right in your face. It was a great experience. Do you have anything to say? No.
She's nudging my leg now. Please use Multivision. Call Susan. She'd be more than willing to
help you out. Bye.