How to Read Tarot Cards : The Meaning of the Three of Pentacles Tarot Card

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Hi. This is Anubha Gupta on behalf of Expert Village. Now I will be talking about three
of coins. As you can see there are two people sitting there and they are reading or going
through some books or probably just playing some games. That means that there is an entire
family reunion which is happening here. At the same time, there is this person who is
standing here and taking care of small details of the house. That means there can be some
kind of investment that you are making on your house or your own property. There you
are going to be very happy with, but this is improvements and not construction. But
they might be small details that you might be adding. They can be a furniture add or
some kind of money spent on improving and taking care of all the interiors of the house.