Cost of politicians in BRAZIL.

Uploaded by 0MadeInBrazil0 on 26.07.2009

A blow to the image the Brazilian congress:
A study of Organization Transparency Brazil,
concluded that the Bush are the most expensive in the world!
1 minute that a member Brazilian works, expense, the taxpayer $ 6.089,13!
Per year, each Senator do not leave for less than $ 17.405.063,29!
The cuto of an annual Member is $ 3.481.012,65!
Spending figures in Congress cause even more amazing ...
when compared to countries richer that Brazil:
If we make the average cost of deputies and senators,
Parliamentary each in Brazil, leaves for $ 5.379.746,83 per year!
In Italy, $ 2.056.962,02.
In France, slightly more than $ 1.476.793,24.
In Spain, each parliamentary expense, per year, $ 448.312,23.
And the neighbor, Argentina, $ 685.654,00.
They are repeated legislative assemblies in the e. ...
the worst example, is here in Brasília (capital of Brazil):
1 of 24 Members each district, costs each year, $ 5.274.261,60.
And the councilors, Renato, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo,
leaves for each $ 2.637.130,80, at least!
And taxpayers Brazil, Claudia, are the most patients.