On The Edge - Dancing Through the Fire - 09.01.13.

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In Medias Res
And so I start again, here in the middle, The middle of a life I scarcely know,
How many guesses left to get the riddle?
The woods are dark and darker shadows grow, I followed someone here, but lost her leading,
With nothing but my lostness left to show.
The voice that drew me on is faint and fading But something else is creeping up behind
Over whose heart, I wonder, are we treading?
My shadow-beasts can scent, though they are blind
All three are here, the leopard, lion, wolf, My kith and kin, the emblems of my kind.
They've come to draw me back across the gulf Back from the path I wanted to have chosen.
Fall back, they call, you can't run from yourself..
Fall to the place where every hope is frozen... But not this time, this time I choose to choose
The other path, path of the dead and risen,
To try the hidden heart of things, to let go, lose,
To lose myself and find again the voice That called and drew me here, my freeing muse.
Begin again; she calls, you have the choice, Little by little, you can travel far,
Learn to lament before you can rejoice
Sing to the shadows, sing and do not fear But sing them into love little by little
Begin the song exactly where you are.
And so I start again, here in the middle.
A Song for Ruth
Sing a song of sowing Of carrying the seed A song of hopeful planting To meet a future
need Sing a song of letting go Of falling to the
ground Of burying that feels like loss Still waiting
to be found
There are no songs of famine For hunger has no voice
the poor must scavenge what they can The rich are spoiled for choice
The stones of fear and anger Will strike you from behind
For hunger hates the stranger And cleaves to his own kind
Sing a song of exile Of loneliness and loss A song of broken bridges That nobody can cross
A song of desperation For words you understand A song of fearful labour On someone else's
Sing a song of marriage The grace of bride and groom
The fruitful vine around the door And joy within the room
A song of love and longing For the children yet to be
A quiver-full of future hopes Aimed at eternity
Sing a song of mourning The shadows and the tombs
The bitterness of broken heart And disappointed wombs
Sing a song of empty words And unexpressed despair
Of reaching out at midnight For the one who isn't there
Sing a song of waiting Of weeping on the earth A song of expectation And longing for new
birth Sing a song of patience Of watching through
the night Sing the hours before the dawn And sing the
coming light
Sing a song of harvest Of one who binds the sheaves
And one who gleans along the edge The good another leaves
Sing a song of winnowing And taking into store Of barley heaped like glowing gold Upon the
threshing floor
Sing out to the Lord of Life Your songs of joy and pain
Sing of the years the locusts ate That cannot come again
Sing to Him your hopes and fears Your tales of right and wrong
And He will make your voice a part Of His Redemption Song
Bridegroom Blues
Here comes my lady, walking down the street Light in her eyes, light on her feet,
She's looking for something that was hidden before she was born,
She's been out all night but I know she's coming home in the dawn
Here comes my lady, all dressed in green Seeking for the seeds that no-one's ever seen
Every day she gets younger, but they all say she's old and worn
Puts her roots down at night time so she can rise up in the morn
Bridge: She don't seek for silver, she don't dig for gold
She don't ask for nothing, not to have or to hold
She waits for her angel: waits for him to blow his horn
been in rags all night; she's rising up to riches in the morn
Here comes my lady, all dressed in white My lamp is in her left hand; my book is in
her right She can read what is written, though the pages
are tattered and torn She can dream through the darkness, so she'll
be ready for the dawn
Here comes my lady, all robed in red Blood beneath her feet, flame above her head,
There's a hurricane blowing, she's riding on the edges of the storm
She can blaze through the night-time, sweep out the ashes in the dawn
Bridge: Her towers may tumble, and her crops may fail
But she's a carnival dancer in her violet veil
Sees the false knight on the road; treats that old impostor with scorn
She's a one man woman, and she knows I'm gonna meet her in the dawn
Here comes my lady, all dressed in black Gives me stripes for my shoulders and a rod
for my back, Five blood-red roses and a crown of the flowering
thorn I'm going down into darkness but I'm going
to rise early in the morn
Here comes my lady, well on her way The darkness is lifting, she's looking for
the day The hills are all ringing, the valleys standing
thick with corn I'm coming out to meet her and make her my
bride in the morn
Music and lyrics by Malcolm Guite