Recipe - Fried Rice Dumplings Recipe With English Subtitles

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What is the dish called? Fried Rice Dumplings (Gunta Puli Bongaralu)
Ingredients required to make Fried Rice Dumplings
Black Gram, Rice, Ginger, Onions, Green Chilli, Curry Leaves, Coriander, Turmeric, Seasoning Seeds, Salt & Oil
Soak the black gram and rice in water overnight, then grind them into a paste with a little salt
Take a pan and heat some oil in it
Add some bengal gram, mustard seeds, cumin, dry red chilli, chopped onions, chopped ginger, curry leaves
Add some coriander leaves, a pinch of turmeric powder
Now, we'll use the black gram and rice batter that has been left to stand for 6 hours
Add the fried seasoning seeds and onions into the batter
Mix it well and add a little baking soda
Take a muffin pan that's specially made for making fritters
Grease the pan with some oil
Pour the batter into the cups in the pan
Close the lid and cook on medium flame
Flip the dumplings over to let it cook evenly
Once they're golden brown, remove them and serve