Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review & Makeup Tutorial

Uploaded by missiemania on 08.12.2012

Hello everyone, so today I want to talk about the Urban Decay Naked
Basics palatte.
And if you haven't heard of this palette before, its
the latest series in the Naked Urban Decay series.
Umm basically this is a all Matte palette.
That's why it's called the "Basics".
But I want first talk about the packaging.
So this is the box it came in.
And then on the back of the box
are the colors in this palette.
It does have a muted finish to it since it is a Matte palette.
So that's the box it came in and the palette itself looks like this.
So I can hold it in my hand just to give you a size reference, so it is a small palette
which can be a good thing especially if you travel a lot.
This might be a great companion to you.
So its really slim
and it has a great closure.
And of course it has a generously sized mirror.
And here are all the colors.
And I actually have this on my eyes right now and I'll slip in a tutorial on it
using this palette so you can see
how I achieve this look with this palette.
Now you're probably wondering how does it compare to the other Naked 1 and
Naked 2 palette. I don't own the Naked 2 palette but I do own the Naked 1 palette.
So just to give you an idea,
here's the size difference.
So it's about...
half the size of the Naked 1.
And just to show you the width,
so here it is.
Now the Naked 1 has a magnetic closure.
The Naked Basics palette has a snap, has
a snap shut closure.
Which I think is really really good. This will not pop open on you if you
travel around a lot.
So that's the great thing about this Naked Basics palette.
So now compare the colors...
Just to give you an idea, here are the colors. On the bottom is the Naked 1.
On the top is the latest, greatest, Naked Basics palette.
So as you can see the colors are pretty similar.
Umm... if you are a neutral lover this might be
palette for you.
So like I said earlier this is a very neutral basic palette, so...
would I recommend this for everyone. Well it depends. If you already own the
Naked 1, such as this one, or the Naked 2 palette...
then you probably don't need the Basics palette.
However if you're a lover of Urban Decay
eye shadows and if you are collector
then this probably will be on your list or you probably have it already.
I don't think that this is the palette that everyone will need to have
especially if you already own one already.
Um... the colors are pretty neutral. They're everyday
wearable colors.
And out of 6 colors, one of them is satin finish
which is "Venus".
This is more of a...
it has a sheen to it but is not shimmery or glittery. But it does have a satin
finish to it.
And all the other colors have a matte
finish to it.
So on the back of my hand are all the colors swatched.
Now the only one I had trouble "showing up on the back of my hand" is "Foxy"
which is the second one to your...
which is a second one to my right, it might be the second one to your left.
"Foxy" is the only one I had trouble swatching. All the other colors do show up.
Personally for me,
I happen to really adore his palette because I wear this to work and
when I go to work I just want to look put together, I just want to look polished. But
um... let say I'm having a conversation, I don't want the first thing that
someone to notice is my makeup.
I just want to look refreshed. I just want to look presentable. So for me this palette is
fantastic. I usually go for uh... neutral colors. Just
everyday wearable colors and this
is a home run for me. Now if you are the type that you are more adventurous with
your eye shadow looks, or if you're the type that you reach for more bold and
loud colors
then this palette may not be for you.
But I want to say that just for a in-between, if you want to blend out
some colors or if you're just going for a neutral look, then this is definitely the one for you.
Now another additional note is that, with the Urban Decay Naked 1 and
Naked 2 palettes, it came with a liner, it came with
a gloss or it also...
uh... added in that Primer potion.
This Basics palette is just the palette itself.
There are no extra add-on's. So.. that's kind of a bummer.
Umm... but for the price that you pay, which I believe was is in the 20's, I believe
$27 or something along those lines. I will double check that and
I'll enter that in the information box down below.
But for the price you pay for, I think
uh... you're getting your money's worth. These are full size eye shadows.
One of them is a satin and the rest have a Matte finish.
Again like I said earlier, this is not the palette for everyone. Especially if you
have lots of neutrals.
Umm.. if you already have a Matte palette then this might not be
one you need to get. But if you are the type that you just want to look
put together,
you just want to look refreshed and refined,
then this might be the palette just for you.
I am wearing this palette right now.
And if you're interested I'll slip in a tutorial on how I achieve this look with
this palette.
For the close of this video, I just want to give you one last look
in the Naked palette comparison.
So do you really need this? I guess you'll just have to judge for yourself.
So here's a close-up, on the bottom is the original Naked palette. And on the top is the
So the colors are very similar. Umm... once again if you're looking for a neutral
Matte palette
then the one on the top is for you.
So now I'll slip in a tutorial on how I achieved this eye look
and I hope you enjoy it and I'll see you in another video.
Bye. [ waving goodbye ]
[ The End ]