Fire Commissioner Update 18 Jan 2013

Uploaded by cfavic on 17.01.2013

Friday across Victoria is still a day of significance for fire and in particular the north eastern
part of the state and Gippsland. We'll see temperatures into the high 30s. We'll see
winds from the north west gusting up to 70 kilometres per hour, and a south westerly
change which sees if fires are burning they move, and they move very fast in a different
A major fire in Gippsland, 20,000 hectares already has impacted on five properties confirmed,
and has the potential to do more damage in Gippsland. A south westerly change will move
it into the Licola Valley which means we've got fire back into the wilderness and into
another part of Gippsland which will be of significance.
This fire looks like burning over the weekend, or will burn over the weekend and take some
time to control. And I think people just need to take that as a message that fires will
move around the state, and to make sure you are able to make good decisions about your
safety. Know where to get information from, make sure you have a plan, and that it's a
dynamic plan and that you can make it happen for you. But it's also not just about you.
It's about you and your family and the friends around you.
So, we still stay in a warm position. Fire will still be in the environment and one of
the challenges in Victoria, so over the weekend we still need to be very focused about what
fire means to us, and hopefully next week is a milder week so we can relax a little
bit but we're in a summer period of significance.