Mass. Army National Guard 972nd Send Off - June 25, 2012

Uploaded by MassGovernor on 29.06.2012

Gov. Patrick: Thank you very much major. To General Rice and the members of the Command
Staff, to Congressman Lynch, to the members of the administration,
who are here, to all of the loved ones here supporting these
extraordinary heroes, and most especially to the members of the 972nd. It feels awkward
to me to be standing here with them behind me, with my back to
them. But in many respects they have all of our back and I wanted
to come by to tell you that while you were away, 6.5 million people here in the Commonwealth
will have yours too. Each of these men and women, as the major
was saying, is a part of a centuries old legacy of service and sacrafice.
The ideals of service, community and citizenship are central both to what we stand for as a
nation and to the traditions of this company. The 972nd military
police company has served our Commonwealth and our country for
over 95 years. When abroad, you protect our military as they perform difficult and often
dangerous tasks. When not abroad, you help your neighbors, as you
did last year in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene and the tornadoes
in central and western Massachusetts. Now you are called to service in gutter, in support
of Operation Enduring Freedom. Go with our fervent prayer that each
of you and your mission will be safe, and successful and that you
will come home soon. And rest assured, as I said, that while you are away 6.5 million
people here in the Commonwealth will have your back. To the families,
thank you for what you do to enable this service. Your
patience, support, encouragement and love make their work possible and inspires the
rest of us. We will do everything we can as a state-wide community
to be there for you to lean on while your soldier is away.
God speed and God Bless, thank you.