техника МАКИЯЖА певицы АДЕЛЬ

Uploaded by blushsupreme on 12.01.2012

Hey There! I am happy to see you guys again.
I did today a makeup that has been inspired by Adele. She s a wonderful British singer with amazing voice.
Her makeup has become a trend lately. So I will explain everything for you today.
I will start by applying this skin tone yeallow eyeshadow on my lid. This is BHCosmetics.
Then with a sharp and fluffy brush by Sigma E45 I will add pink-copper eyeshadow into the crest.
Then with a pencil-brush and dark matt brown eyeshadow (Brun by MAC) I add some color to the crest and blend it in.
And finally I will line my upper lashline with gel eyeliner in black. See my previous tutorial for a professional technique.
Take a small synthetique brush and apply some matt black eyeshadow on the top of the line to smuge it a lil.
Line your down lashline with brown eyeshadow and add some white color on your waterliner to open the view.
Adele make can not be completed without false eyelashes. So I will use this eyelashes by Ardell.
For the blush use something warm and peachy. And as your lipstick choose skin-tone colors.
Well this is it! I got this Adele inspired makeup
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And see you next time! Byyyye!!!