Interview Lischka (Pigeons / Brieftauben / Palomas) 2012

Uploaded by BobDaPaloma on 16.04.2012

Bob: Hello Ludwig Lischka from the Club Gelsenkirchen Horst Emschetaller.
Fancier from Ruhrgebiet (Germany) and 63 years old.
Welcome to the Interview
Lischka:Yes, hello
Bob: Since when you are practising pigeon sport?
Lischka: Since 5 years
Bob: What fascinate you in the pigeon sport?
Lischka: The employment with the pigeons and flights
Bob: What was your most beautiful moment?
Lischka: Well, if you do a first concourse
Bob: The best performance of your pigeons?
Lischka: Since I have pigeons 5 years, I did 3x 1. Concourse
Bob:Very good. What could be improved in the pigeon sport?
Lischka:Yes, the defence against birds of prey
Bob: What is bad in the pigeon sport, if something bad exist?
Lischka:Yes, there are not many young people.
Bob:Young people in the pigeon sport.
Ok, that it was.
Thank you and see you soon. Bye
Lischka: See you, ciao