Nike Football: The Chance: France National Final, 2012 (captions available)

Uploaded by NikeFootball on 18.07.2012

Everyone gets a Chance, at some point in their lifetime.
It's a good thing that people can give you
another chance out of nowhere.
You can't rest on your laurels.
You must push the envelope.
It's an honor for me
to play here at Clairefontaine.
When I was 17, the coach said to me:
"Laurent, I'm taking you into the professional group
as first choice with the first team."
Of course...that was my chance.
They have 3 days to prove themselves.
That's a very short time.
History is never written.
Valbuena is a good example. He's part of your generation.
Bordeaux kicked him out because he was too short and what not.
You can see his generosity on the field.
He's unselfish, he's never calculating.
That's because of what he went through.
These players are alike, just like Ribéry.
So, today,
we'll rate your speed
and your ability to perform during explosive situations
on a football field.
Let's go!
There are 50 of you.
Tonight, we'll discuss it
and we'll select 25 players for the match
tomorrow morning with Laurent Blanc.
Give your best and enjoy yourselves.
David Fernandes.
Jérémy Alcaraz.
Ida-Yasser Mze.
I'm thinking...
about tomorrow, I'm apprehensive.
We'll see!
I know what you're going through.
You have 40 minutes. Give your best, no regrets.
Don't be afraid whatsoever.
You're here to have fun, football is a game.
3 of you will go to Barcelona for the finals.
So, give your best, OK?
Today is their chance.
I hope they're aware of this and they'll take it.
Forget about physicality.
Forget about tests.
Think about the ball, every time it was technical,
during exercises or in front of the goal.
Can I choose my favorite?
Go on.
The first one I'll call
is Mathieu Peronnet.
Number 2: Paul Barioraud.
And number 3: David Fernandes.
This is not an end in itself.
This is the beginning of something.
In Barcelona, you'll meet guys
who are as good as you, maybe better.
What will make the difference
is this: your mental qualities.
Don't waste this chance.
The Chance Country Finals.