Поход в магазин в Алексеевке, Анапа / Shopping in Alexeevka, Anapa

Uploaded by Evgenyneu on 09.01.2011

Hi, this is Zhenya. Today I'm doing some shopping.
It's a clip about a shopping trip.
Emily: You can film me too
Zhenya: Hello Woman: Hello
Emily: By the way, it's bad to upload people without their permission
Emily: Kotya, Kotya, look! There is a Kotya!
Emily: Good Kotya!
Emily: Go film the vine in the sun.
We are walking towards the store.
Emily: I'm afaraid of the dog.
Emily: Zhenya, you can't do this.
This road leads to the store.
Ad: Sport club where you can live. Price: 70 rub per day ($2.3 / day).
This place is called 'The Meadow'
This is a nice street, but the way.
We reached Anapsky avenue.
We came to Anapsky... Where we came to...?
We came to Anapsky Highway.
This is the store we are going to.
We've leaved the store.
Emily: Show the loot.
This is a street where Russians with high income are living.