RiR 2012 - Evanescence fans interview

Uploaded by YinPT on 13.06.2012

Here are the most incredible fans...
Let's know, you guys are here since when?
Since 9 o'clock.
- In the morning? -Yes.
- Ok, I think I was sleeping then. And you too? - Yes.
- You guys came all together? - Yes.
- Where did you come from? - Lisbon.
- And you? - Sintra.
And you guys in the back, where did you come from?
- Lisbon. - Santarém.
Ok, Lisbon, Santarém... And you came here to see who?
- Evanescence, of course. - Of course.
- You already know Evanescence? - Yes.
- Have you already seen them live? - No.
- I did. - Where?
- On Rock in Rio. - Rock in Rio, of course, everybody knew that.
- The concert was good last time? - Yes. She was sick but it was great.
She did well anyway. And what do you expect today?
- What do you expect from today's concert?
- I hope they play the heavier songs, to show the Metallica crowd that we also...
- Wait a minute, wait a minute...
We're having a competition between Evanescence and Metallica fans?
It's no use, they are more than us!
I think Metallica is winning. Wait! Wait, guys!
Let's see who wins, by sound.
Ok, two girls screamed.
And now Metallica!
Women are better anyway. Everyone knows.
I'd like to be nice to you, but they are the majority.
This is like David and Goliath. Everyone knows that David won, even though Goliath was bigger.
What if you try to seduce the Metallica guys so they like Evanescence too?
This is a proposal. It's a challenge, ok?
You're gonna stand here until what time?
Until the end! We'll also see Metallica, of course!
You guys have already been in Rock in Rio?
- Yes. - No.
It's the first time? And what did you think, when you entered and saw all of this?
It's awesome!
Oh, she's on the phone while she's talking to me!
It's like: "Oh I'm talking to this guy for live TV but I don't care, I'm just talking on the phone with a friend."
- No, it's more like a... - Give me the phone!
- Hello? Who's this?
Your friend... How are you? It's João.
Ok, kisses for you too. Listen, why didn't you come to see Evanescence?
Oh, you're the aunt of the girl!
Ok... And does she behave well?
Ok, it's the aunt. So aunt, she's behaving really well, ok? Kisses for you, aunt!