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well welcome and thank you for your how to invest in real estate investing today
wasn't if you're a brand new investor or advance investor and you want to take it
to the next level i hope that the information that you fine here today
will add value
to your life
now for those of you who don't know me
my name is rock kolin in am in a full-time real-estate investor for the
past fourteen years
uh... i bought a ton of houses over the years
but i don't call my cell for the world
one thing i do know and i was showing you how to do
is to buy invest in real estate really cheap
with no money
or credit
of your own
and i want to see if you are the houses that bought over the years not enough
time to see them all
by wanted to show you just a few i've bought
just about every different type of of real estate investing... residential real estate
in small multifamily properties that you can imagine
and i hope that my life experiences
uh... being in the trenches can add value
to your life
before we get started
i want you to know that really in order in my opinion to make money in real
estate investing you must first no and understand your exit strategy
'cause if you buy property cheap
you've got to know how you're going to convert it to profit
so i want to show you uh... three of the exit strategies that are working
uh... for me in today's market
and uh...
and i hope the that uh...
if you're not using these three major diffusing what may be too
but you can add all three of them
and every property that you look at you can say does that fit in eight b or c
exit strategy okay
so let's take a look
and a few of them
now every one of these properties them and show you
i bought with no money
of my own okay
now of the one of the fastest ways to profit invest in real estate today for is to
wholesale real estate
for quick
now for instance of wholesaling houses is means nothing more than
let's use this property for example
to buy this property undervalued just by accident by just get a contract on it
uh... undervalued
and then simply find a cash buyer who is willing to pay more than what you
negotiated as a very good offer
and u_s_ signing that paperwork
to your cash buyer
and that you forty assignment profit or wholesaling profit
now you can also there's two other ways you can call silwan
uh... you can also this emoting is closing
which would keep you in control of the property all the way through with you
felt maybe a cash buyer wasn't as uh... trustworthy to assign the the contract
to you
and basically what you would do is use their money at the closing they would
wire their money and close on your first deal can you use their money to do
that and then five minutes later you have a closing to transfer title to them
and then walk out with your profit
the third way is if you're real time crunch here getting really drained by
on the property and you have it moving quickly enough to cash buyers
you can bring in private money
uh... private money partner who's looking just for a return on their
investing close on the property
and uh... and in shop it hard to your cash buyers
yet but we are cast fire list
now this property right here
it had a value of about eighty five thousand dollars
i happy to fifty two thousand three hundred dollars for this property and in
less than one week
i sold the property at wholesale this property
for sixty two thousand five hundred dollars
and then what that it is it gave me a wholesale cash profit
but ten thousand
two hundred dollars
just for disclaimer wise and i tell you
results are not typical
uh... uh... exit strategy number two again this is another property about
with no money down
now recently now this is our tocqueville if i came up with this or if i put it
together with information over the years i'm not sure that is what i call my
retail model
now this property here
uh... i was approached by uh...
investor who knew i was actually ready by it
he offered me ten thousand dollars to walk away and basically he wanted me to
sign the contract
for ten thousand dollar fee and i did consider it but the property was in such
good condition of the neighborhood is pretty good
i decided to gamble to see if i can do that
now i knew the cash investor was still in the wings would love to buy at in so
that's kinda like that this scandal now
the wholesale retail exit strategy
is nothing more
beginning the property well undervalued
so much so that you can still profit
my putting the property hons
for sale to the retail market at a discount
so for instance this property right here it had uh... a fair market value of
about a hundred thousand dollars
and pipe
bought this property for fifty six thousand dollars
so what i did is i put this property up for sale to the retail market because it
was in pretty good condition inside and out
and uh... but i i j i'd put on the market at a fifteen thousand dollar
so and listed this property for sale
for eighty four thousand
nine hundred dollars and i sold it
for full price
okay to retail buyer
now i had about ten thousand dollars in expenses in this
but it gave me a wholesale retail cash profit
of eighteen thousand
nine hundred dollars
results are not typical uh... so in this in this example i could have just taken
the assignment ten thousand dollars and walk away
uh... but i took a gamble and i did about double than what the cash investor
uh... was offered me
now what i do know is if i decided it anytime
to go ahead in and out of his property
excess investor was still right there waving hungry
uh... to buy this property from mckay
so that's the wholesale retail model
now the third model
again this property i bought with no money down
uh... this is the net worth
cash flow
now this property here
had any market value of the eighty eight thousand dollars you know that because i
had it appraised right before closed on it
i bought this property
for forty two thousand
five hundred dollars
i got a parade on this property now
this property even when i bought this agreement instant equity
a forty five thousand five hundred dollars
so if you hear me right just one property
increase the mine that works
by forty five thousand
five hundred dollars
and when my tenant moves in
uh... here shortly also have been monthly cash flow
uh... three hundred in sixty two dollars every month
so did results
are not to go
however when you buy it
uh... property at big discounts it gives you have the option
do a wholesale deal wholesale retail
or do you want to throw it into your net worth cash flow
okay so those are the three exit strategies
uh... that i'm using in today's market that working really well
so uh... now
for those of you now you understand exit strategies at a working woman living
where life ideas how i get these deals
that will work
that i can apply it michael formula
and get on well below market value
well let's take a look at a few here six
that you can run with a free ok
uh... number one is not what owner-occupied owners you can get this
list from the source also a new tax assessor probably get it to you for
well next to nothing
uh... free and clear properties is again unless that uh... we sometimes a bible
from list or some of those companies in in mail postcards to
if you don't do any kind of millions are will start treating like that
will use in these here's something contended that listings
uh... on in a less for fantastic
there's about five filters uh... on them in our search you'll need to put on
their to make sure that you've we did it down to the properties that actually
uh... can accept your lower offers okay
and i'll show you how to do that
program properties are fantastic you can get a free list of those esther
your courthouse or circuit court depending on where you're at
uh... fantastic with uh... a fully properties foreclosures and in our egos
are real estate on
there's a lot of competition infact even in my area in the midwest
there's a lot of investors that
get in park and investors really that this
warm on foreclosures in our heroes
uh... it's really uh... and basically they they bought the price out so it's
uh... it's an option if you know how competitive
it is in your market
and then finally short sales or anything
drastic source
of deals now
uh... put the disclaimer they do take a while to get done however if you would
find when you apply your michael formula to be short sales
and you put up a special language in your contract it doesn't hold you
short sales can be fantastic because i'll give you a hint
most investors inm in almost all retail buyers want nothing to do to him
uh... with them
and that opens up an enormous opportunity for you
if you know what you're looking for
so just you know tomorrow morning
you could have
more leads that fit your buying criteria did you know what to do it
so we have the leads coming in
and you'll find your michael barone formula so that you know you profit with
your offer generator
indeed you run them all through your exit strategies do they work well with
the wholesale method
uh... the wholesale retail would you make more money potentially or do you
would you throw in your uh...
net worth cashflow strategy
so that's that's really aetna enemies will connect all the docs into trainings
to get you through to that is the point okay
uh... for those of you who don't understand the real estate cycles dismay
actually look like the red mountain invalid what this really is
is an illustration of how the market goes down
and the market goes way up
and then back down
and right now is the right time to buy real estate
because we're we're at right now is at the bottom
of the market ok but what i want you to know and
uh... and indy absolute about
is you don't about the bottom
your buy the right place and that's by an below
the bottom
so let me give you an example
let's say at the top of the market a property was worth two hundred thousand
dollars in its prime everyone was
in the market raising prices and it was just crazy so let's say
a house race to see two hundred thousand dollars okay and now that were flat in
the markets back at the bottom
uh... that same house is now worth half
or a hundred thousand dollars
i've talked to many people that think that body net two hundred thousand
dollar house at the peak and now at the bottom two hundred
if they can get in a deal consisting of three four years ago was were two
hundred thousand dollars
but what they don't understand is they are paying retail price
for that property
and spent relating that the market will come in deal them out when it goes up
by the way speculation is a dirty word
in real estate investing stay away from it okay
so what i was showing is
how to buy at the bottom
but that same property of hundred-thousand
how to buy that property
below the bottom for a maximum
but seventy thousand dollars
and that when you do that it gives you the option to wholesale quickly for cash
you can wholesale retail you control your cash flow
uh... network strategy
and if you do that you can decide at what what point in the latter
of the market cycles
do you want to sell it four-year top profit
uh... all of my training
in uh... coaching is by application only
if you're accepted into my real estate investing training
I offer a four-week class of intensive training
with me personally
now each week
i give you a trainee module that you'll go through on your own
and then a couple days later we actually talk on the phone make sure to
get all your questions answered
in so that you can move forward with your action steps
for that week okay
uh... and and the number two i do also offer one on one coaching
now i've got to tell you
both uh... all of my training actually
is quite says it's not cheap
um... for instance if you're interested in one on one coaching
whether you arent newbie or in advanced real estate investor
maybe you want to know how to get started maybe you want to know how to
work with realtors
how do direct marketing how-to uh... find uh... properties
thirty to fifty percent below ground
maybe you want to learn the no money down strategies that work in your area
uh... he took my uh...
one on one coaching sessions invest in for one hour sessions for five hundred
dollars now
if i can show you train you what you need to accomplish
uh... and it adds value it would be well worth
and it will be worth
your investment in that one our coaching sessions so
just to let you know
uh... the training and coaching
uh... nazi
uh... but if you're interested in taking it from beginner to complete training
invest best here
beginning over the hump
i'd be happy to help you
get to the next step
so with that in mind
i'll just go ahead and complete the application form below
uh... and the reason for the application is
i don't want to take your money if i don't feel i can help you or and value
to your life whether it's selling in one hour
uh... coaching session or
a complete four-week class training
i want to make sure what your objectives are
and make sure that i can offer you value
if i can't
we'll talk on the phone for about fifteen minutes
and then will parties friends in
i'm sure will networking median
but i want to make sure i can offer you value before we move forward with any
coaching or training so with that in mind
just complete the application form below
and look forward to speaking with you personally invest in real estate investing