Al Jardine of "The Beach Boys" Interview Grammys 2012 -- TurboTax GRAMMYs Backstage

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The Beach Boys are back. I mean, I'm not a California girl, but I always wanted to be one.
Just because of you guys. I wish you all could be. [laughter] I wish.
I wish we could all be California girls. California girls.
Let's talk about this reunion thats happening, It's good. how special and monumental
is this for you guys? It's big. It's big. Well the guys sang on this by the way.
Okay All The Beach Boys are on this, Don't Fight The Sea,
and thanks to this kind of contribution
and getting together and recording at Capitol a couple months ago
we decided to get back together and now here we are at the Grammys.
You know on rehearsal day, yesterday,
singing with Foster, this new band we never heard about.
Foster the People And I'm singing next to Mark Foster
and his voice is perfect for the song we sang
and he also sings, Wouldn't It Be Nice,
by the way, which is another big Beach Boy classic. Uh huh.
and then Adam Levine sings, Surfer Girl.
So... Wow it's a pretty neat combo
Maroon 5, and the Foster group, and The Beach Boys.
It all comes together in a climax with Good Vibrations.
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What advice would you give to young people that are trying to make a change and make a difference
and finding that good cause that they could put their hearts into? To help and make a difference in the world.
That's wild. Well the Grammys
has a nice cause. They're helping people out.
Music Cares, that's a good that's a wonderful organization.
There's so many things we can do
in the music business to help other people. I love it.
Well we're going to see what's going to happen Sunday guys, at the Grammys. The Beach Boys, yes for reuniting
and hopefully an album will come out of this. Thank you babe.
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