The DNC is the New RNC?

Uploaded by SamSeder on 07.09.2012

split what
briefly on when you're talking about
what went on the convention regarding a felony rodman really the whole foreign
policy aspect of it i thought just couldn't have been
more distasteful linked only to grant came around but they're not in killing
but to get out there and repeat over and over again with the iraq war is over
islam you know so incredibly deceitful you know we still basically occupy a
father and country other we've now been proved you know we have no reason even
and therefore soldiers were just a little bit apt to pay in iraq by road
fight bomb for the idea that
iraq war is is over
the meeting just a few puts it it's almost as as anything that the
republicans would pull alittle seems like you've been really we've just seen
fletcher switch where the democratic party is now the one that cramped and
conferred about
no really
despicable way about national security and even you do mailto called social
issue that would you choose out there on the other side of the wedge but you know
the exact same tactics
the republican party used for years and philip uncle if we've replaces the old
republican party with the democratic party and the opposition party is just
back crap grady party but nevertheless we're still watching the republican
convention in the republican
you know point of view it's just been read branded as a democratic
i realize alone let me get my go backwards i'm not as upset about uh...
the idea of using
dispose of the issues that are more socially liberal uh...
you know as as some type of wedges or some type of car joe i got idont have a
um... hi i have a problem in the sense that
it may
uh... supplant
economic liberal
left this the positions that you know
to that extent i have a problem with it i think if you mean you know i dot A
prom way it was presented in the um... in the convention as much as i have a
problem with that we have our own what's the matter of with um...
you know kansas type of dynamic here
which is like
okay we are voting uh... oh against our better economic interests uh... uh...
because we want to have
you know a woman's is sovereignty over own body or marriage equality or war
uh... of what not andy
the problem is is that
we don't have another option
in terms of uh...
of a
better economic vote to cast
one that will actually pace and evidence
but in terms of the this or the grandstand militaristic grandstanding
yeah i'd just
you know i anticipated joe biden talking about it
uh... but there was an aggressiveness to the whole thing that was gross
and uh... you know sort of the imperial istic and
you know we we are campaigning on a foreign policy
now that is you then
i don't know uh... i guess you know is of the you know is is probably to the
bright of henry kissinger
you know in terms of the way that we uh... speak about a rhetorically and
uh... is
it's gross in its pathetic and and you know i desk the khaki lesion is amongst
some people that like look we've got to do it you know dot to do it would be to
get in there and i'm doing you right now michael
we gotta get we could do it so that we get
but the problem i have with it is that you know
if i felt that i think michael and his conversation this morning
if i felt
uh... this is going to get president obama elected and we're gonna have
single-payer health care
i'd put up with
around uh... you know flag-waving in flag lapel pins you know remain like it
you know i'd i remember when
president obama wouldn't wear it's lad look helping
do you remember that jeff
and this was it while he wasn't present at the time his candidate
if that is ridiculous
added to the time was in a lot where the stupid flag lapel pin here as president
if you're gonna go in and do some great stuff
and the prices you gotta put a freakin look help a nine year uh... lapel then
do it
you know leave the up you know when i went to the r_n_c_ at war
flag lapel pins because i am at four times as patriotic as your average
be that is in may
unwilling to put it to you know
to put things in bots and packages
uh... if that is a means to an end that i think is good but it just
when i get a severe watch you uh... basically parade osama bin laden said on
a stick
at dancing around so that you can then turn around and cut so security is a
uh... it's disgusting
you know i i don't know what else to say
there are a group derek partner recoup her
really ultimately
civil rights and write certainly for the the downtrodden in the country happen
boosting their
economic rights potentially and people who know women will get more power when
they make
pay that mandate not necessarily when politicians get up and dream you know
women are equal to men and so you know i think the light of what we call in terms
of political activism particularly among minority groups in the country though
not coincidentally when we saw the greatest amount of
uh... you know economic equality and so if i get that really it is that it feels
a lot like uh... lip service